Video of the Week: Sony Xperia Z Ultra Unboxing

Keeping with the all Sony theme here's a look at the very large Sony phablet from our friends at TechnoBuffalo.  read more »


How Sony Is Making a Comeback

Just as we were beginning to think Sony was slipping away, they appear to be coming on strong with some new products and a profitable quarter to boot. Here's a list of some Sony products we think are pretty cool.  read more »


Coolest High Tech Watches

Not everyone uses their phone as their watch, in fact there are lots of cool watches to wear on your wrist including some from the growing field of smartwatches.  read more »


Video of the Week: Watch Robots Manufacture the Tesla S

A company named Provision is trying to commercialize 3D holographic displays starting with a Kickstarter round of funding which isn’t exactly attracting a lot of investors. In any case, we think it’s pretty cool technology.  read more »


Strange and Unusual USB Gadgets

It's time again for our regular roundup of strange and unusual USB gadgets which includes everything from a USB plasma ball to a USB soldering iron.  read more »


Video of the Week: New Nexus 7 and Chromecast Event Highlights

See the new Nexus 7 with its 323 ppi display along with the Chromecast streaming device in this under 5 minute video from our friends at Verge.  read more »


What You Need to Know About 4K TVs

The latest crop of 4K TVs not only look sensational, they are a little more affordable. Here's the story on 4K TVs along with a roundup of some newly announced sets.  read more »


Video of the Week: First Look at the Sony SmartWatch 2

With the rumored Apple iWatch waiting in the wings, here’s a glimpse of the latest smartwatch from Sony from our friends at BGR  read more »


Future Tech That Could Show Up in Your Next Gadgets

Here's a roundup of some new technology we have started to see in gadgets currently on the market and some we expect to see in future gadgets.  read more »


Video of the Week: Personal Projection Mapping Prototype

Some time ago we shared a video of projection mapping onto the exterior of buildings. Here’s a variation of that for your living room call IllumiRoom that projects visualizations to augment a game you’re playing or something you’re watching on your TV set.  read more »