2008 Summer Olympics HDTV Extravaganza

Behind the HDTV Scenes at the 2008 Summer Olympics

By Andrew Eisner

The 2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremony on August 8, 2008 is a few weeks away. As we recommended in other reports, we think you should stay at home, save gas, and watch HDTV. NBC has promised to make this Olympics a high-def extravaganza using over 1,000 HD cameras to create thousands of hours of high-def programming. All swimming finals and some of men’s and women’s gymnastics and beach volleyball will all be televised live in prime time. In addition to NBC, NBCU cable networks CNBC, USA, MSNBC, CNBC and Oxygen will also televise Olympic events.

For a guide to all the high def Olympics programming check out this page on HD Sports Guide. A PDF file of the complete Olympic schedule for the NBC family of networks is available here.


HD Olympics Listing

Slo-motion in High Definition

Contributing to the high-def experience, will be high speed, high definition cameras named the Fastcam SA1 from San Diego-based Photron which is integrated into a new imaging system called SprintCam V2 from i-Movix, of Mons, Belgium.

SprintCam Live 2 HDTV

The SprintCam Live 2 HDTV cameras will be recording high definition images at 5,400 frames per second which will be available for immediate slow-motion replay. Photron boasts the FastCam SA1 records high speed action with precision imagery, has excellent color fidelity, great light sensitivity, and offers microsecond global shuttering.

Sounds of the Olympics in 5.1 Channel Audio
Calrec Omega with Bluefin

Adding to the high-def experience, NBC has selected five Calrec Omega with Bluefin consoles as part of its coverage of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. "This is the first time the games will be produced totally in high definition with 5.1 discrete channels of audio," said Bob Dixon, NBC's Director of Sound Design and Communication.

Dixon added, "Our new Calrecs will give us the ability to address all six channels at once, or divide them up quickly and easily so we can address the delay on the surround channels separately, or the EQ on the center channel only. This is exactly the kind of quick flexibility an operator mixing a live event in Surround needs."

Sony HD Cameras Going to Beijing

NBC Universal will use Sony XDCAM HD systems as its primary ENG (electronic news gathering) source. The Sony XDCAM series has been around since 2004. The Sony PDW-700 uses big 2/3 inch CCDs to records 1080i or 720p high quality, MPEG HD422 video on 50 GB optical discs. NBC will also be using Sony’s companion PDW-HD1500 decks.

Sony PDW-700

According to TVTechnology.com, “NBC crews will use the Sony camcorders to record athlete arrivals, interviews, press conferences and any other assignments that require portable recording and capture. NBCU’s Telemundo network will also use PDW-700 camcorders at its stand-up location overlooking the Olympic Stadium.”

The Olympics on Windows Media Center

Wavepress’ TVTonic will put high quality video of the Summer Olympics on your Windows Media Center. Users will be able to subscribe to their favorite sports and then watch the events on any Windows Vista Ultimate or Home Premium PC.

“This service will provide a fantastic viewing experience for Olympic fans with Windows Vista Media Center,” said Wavexpress President Michael Sprague. “They can choose their favorite sports, from diving to water polo to gymnastics, and extended coverage is automatically synchronized to their PC in the middle of the night.”

Motorized HD Cameras
Camera Corps of Shepperton, UK-based will have more than 200 HD camera systems including 18 motorized tracking systems, remote heads and large camera cranes.

Camera Corps of Shepperton

According to Camera Corps, “The inventory of cameras to be positioned in and around Beijing includes 39 Camera Corps HD MiniZoom, 68 Hitachi, four Iconix and four Toshiba cameras. An Abakus fisheye stadium lens will be installed above the Velodrome at Shi Jing Shan to cover the 250m-circumference cycle track. “

Special HD Olympic Programming

In addition to the thousands of hours of programming that NBC will be generating, other channels like MOJO HD will offer a 10-Part series of high-def profiles exploring the mindsets and motivations of U.S. Olympic athletes, beginning July 28. Experts in each sport will be featured, detailing the psychological and body strength needed to compete including how to overcome injuries and setbacks and how these new competitors compare with previous champions.

How to Buy an HDTV Set For Watching the Olympics

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Retrevo Value Map
Value Map detail

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Retrevo Reviews


More Ways to Save Gas

For more ideas on how to save gas this summer and beyond check out these tips from Retrevo. Drive carefully this summer or better yet don't drive and watch HDTV.

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