We are down to 53 bugs. Major ones are in the areas of incomplete data for some of the categories and ranking. Team is confident that we will be able to fix the critical ones before the public trial. We are also installing and configuring the servers for colocation deployment. Plenty of regression, performance beaselining, monitoring and contingency planning needs to be done. Anyone who has built a service network can sympathesize with all the work that needs to be done for us to be truly ready. I am sure we will have hickups, some users won't find deep content for some of their queries, some results will seem arbitrary and our search advisor will act funny at times. And all those operational issues that we are bound to run into inspite of all the preparation. But we will fall and then rise. I encourage you to try out the product and report any bugs/feedback. Please be patient and I assure you that we will give you the best destination for your gadget needs.

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