Today we reviewed our progress and readiness for the public alpha. Good news and not so good news. Good news is that the team fixed majority of the 23 major bugs we had last week. We have only a handful left and the team knows the fixes. These bugs will be behind us in next couple of days. But we are only half way through the operational readiness. We baselined our systems, we know the performance limitations andpossible bottlenecks and are now discussing various alternatives to deal with them. And then we want to move our systems to a colo to ensure high availability once we open up the site for broader user participation. We got lots of comments from our users last week and today Ammar (our investor from Alloy Ventures) sent us feedback. And he used the feedback link on the trial site, bravo Ammar :-). Ammar has been a regular visitor to the site and has provided critical feedback and shared his insight on an ongoing basis. Today he was very excited. He mentioned something about getting addicted to the preview feature and Retrevo getting him the best (and exact) information possible on the web for his questions. Amidst all the chaos and intense pressure, it was encouraging to see a very positive note. Guys cherished the moment. A lot has been accomplished and still a lot to do. Isn't the reality of a startup?

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