There was an article in Washington Post that talked about "Product Placement". How the traditional, subtle product placement in TV shows and movies is making a leap into the scripts. Forget about fast forwarding using your Tivo's skip button, it is all part of story-telling. There has not been a huge cry from actors yet, but it will at some point. You can read about different aspects and implications including FCC's regulation regarding disclosures here. The other extreme of this new brave new world of advertising was an article published by Wasington Bureau covering Hillary Clinton's address speach to advertisers yesterday in Washington. Hillary painted a picture of the future where people will be implanting chips in our children to advertise directly into their brains and tell them what kind of products to buy. It is not that far-fetched. Retailers have long used colors, lighting, store layout and on-the-spot promotions to stimulate your right brain to make a buying decision. Here is an interesting picture Michele Miller painted of her brain in making a buying decision. purchasing_process1.jpg It is only natural for advertisers to think of ways to not only stimulate the right brain but also rationalize a purchase if they could. What better way than planting a microchip in your brain. I hope not!

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[...] I have talked about product placement in the past. How about reverse product placement? I came across an article in BrandWeek that talked about this subject. Instead of a real brand in a fictional environment, you create a fictional brand in a fictional environment and then release it into a real world. A few examples cited were: restaurant chain Bubba Gump Shrimp Co (based on Forrest Gump), Nestle’s Willie Wonka candy brand (Harry Potter) and Potion released by beverage maker Suntory in Japan last year (a drink that first appeared in Square Enix’s videogame Final Fantasy). Another twist to this is introducing a real-world brand from outside the US in a fictional environment here and gauge the audience’s reaction. [...]

-Ritesh Prasad

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