Michael Calore of Wired wrote an article Retrevo: a Google for Gadgets on his blog. It was a balanced article focusing purely on product research. I have covered the topic of product research vs. lifecycle information needs on this blog in the past. Some of Michael's readers asked when we would develop a search plugin for the Firefox browser. This is the search bar that gets installed with Firefox at the top right of the browser that has a number of selectable search engines. Readers wanted Retrevo to be one of the search engine options listed there. In the usual startup fashion, we screamed, shouted, jumped and swore that this should be the highest priority (along with a thousand other high priority features that still had to be developed within next six weeks). Well, I can tell you we would not have reached a conclusion in the desired timeframe if one of the readers, Priyadarsan Venugopalan had not approached us. Priyadarsan graciously told us that he had already developed a plugin for Retrevo and submitted to MyCroft project at mozdev. All you need to do is click on the Retrevo link under Shopping - Electronics on this page. And a beautiful Retrevo option with a boomerang will show up on your list of search engine options in Firefox. We will make it available on our main site *soon*. Remember to install it, click on "Judge it" on the same page and let us know what you think. All credit goes to Priyadarsan Venugopalan. Way to go Priyadarsan! Enjoy!

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