Response to our Search Widget has been phenomenal. Thanks to everyone who is giving it a try. We are still in the first inning, there are lot of improvements needed and yes, this can evolve into something bigger. But this is a start! I particularly liked this post from Nitin Karandikar outlining pluses and minuses of our Search Widget. One question that has come up repeatedly is monetization. Can a publisher monetize using Retrevo's Search Widget? Granted the legal mumbo jumbo in our Terms of Service is not completely decipherable. Here is a quick rundown: 1. You have to use the Search Widget as-is. You may not integrate/modify/republish the search results on your own content pages. Retrevo search results launch in a new window. 2. You can embed the Search Widget on your content pages that you monetize using advertising, lead referral etc. As long as you don't charge consumers to access the content pages with Retrevo's embedded Search Widget, you are ok. 3. This is a trial. We want to learn, fine tune, and figure out a business model. Currently, we don't monetize on search results. Rest assured, in the future, when we do, we will share revenue using best practices. So fire away, give the Search Widget a try. Let us know what you think! Oh BTW, if you want to explore other biz dev options, click here to connect with a real person who can help you navigate.

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