We recorded our first video show from CES with Scoble yesterday. Very informal coverage of CES buzz. You can watch it here (it is a it long at 30 minutes but you get all of it, nothing less).

We launched Retrevo's Hot or Not this morning. With Macworld and CES running simultaneously, it was a no-brainer for us to come up with Hot or Not. Give it a try, its fun. Macworld opened up with its usual excitement and fanfare. Obviously Jobs is a showman and he proved it again. You can watch Jobs keynote here.

Now lets get to the two main products that Apple announced. The much anticipated iphone and Apple TV (for a little background, Cisco Systems owns iphone trademark but Jobs seems determined to fight it out and generate some buzz). The buzz around these two products has been phenomenal. See it here and here. Me personally, not being able to feel the keys is a serious limitation on an iphone. May be I will get used to it, may be I won't. And what's with Apple TV without true 1080p (or even 1080i) HD? It only supports 720p. What? So late and so little on this product. Netgear announced a similar product at CES that could do what Apple TV does along with streaming content from Youtube and iTunes. I in fact was secretly hoping that Apple would add a TV tuner and DVR functionality on Apple TV. Nope. Yes, I am disappointed with Apple's announcements, guess my expectations were unrealistic. Wall Street went nuts because these products expand the addressable market for Apple dramatically. And whatever I say, Apple has a serious fan-following. They will sell these products despite the limitations.

We are having a blast at CES. I will write about more cool categories and products over next couple of days. Let us know what you think about Hot or Not. And of course don't hesitate about sharing your views on iphone and Apple TV.

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