We just posted an "everything you ever wanted to know about daylight saving time," page. The reason we think this is important is because there are a lot of devices all the way from enterprise servers to camcorders that are going to change time on the wrong date this year. Before you start complaining, just remember that getting the sun to set an hour later really doesoffer some real benefits. It saves energy because more people are outside and not using lights and appliances. It also cuts down on traffic accidents and even reduces crime. That said, it's still annoying. Remember you can use retrevo to find the page in the manual that you most likely misplaced, that can remind you how to change the time in one of the many electronic devices in your life that has a clock that will need changing. The new date this year is March 11th so you have a few weeks to get prepared. The resource pagealso has some advice for Windows and Mac OS users as well as some links to other good resources.

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