I first became aware of DVB-H at this year's CES show. It's a TV broadcast technology that uses UHF frequencies to beam video to your cell phone. That means the transmitter can just as easily be on the television mastsending out broadcasts of sports, news, or soap operas. The video quality I saw at CES was excellent and the standard includes power saving features to extend battery life. The latest announcementshave centered around the recent 3GSM show in Barcelona. ATT Cingular announced they were adopting a variant of DVB they call MediaFLO. I hear they are already broadcasting in the NYC area. Companies like Nokia are about to ship DVB or MediaFLO products in the US.Nokia was showing the N92 at CES and the N77 at 3GSM. The big question will be whether this TV broadcast technology will prevail over an interactive IP 3G solution. Personally I think TV on handhelds is going to be very very big but hate to think about a nation paying more attention to what's on their cell phones than what's happening around them.

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