According to Greenpeace electronic disposal is responsible for 5% of all waste worldwide. And thanks to the hypercompetitive cell phone market and cool-obsessed tech consumer, e-waste is also the fastest growing component of worldwide waste, with users upgrading their electronics more frequently then ever. I know. I had no idea either. It turns out most Americans didn't. That's 'cause the majority of e-waste is sent to China and India, and despite China's 2000 ban on e-waste imports, our tech trash is still showing up there. So now you know. Unfortunately, Greenpeace offers little in the way of answers. But if you are about to upgrade, do send your old phone to the manufacturer and not the trash. And when you finally pick a new phone, try buying from a company that makes clean, recyclable products. Now to dispose of my old Blackberry to make way for the iPhone. Well, I may have to rethink that. Besides bringing light to the e-waste crisis, Greenpeace also devised a ranking system for electronics companies based on their global policies and disposal practices, and just guess who's at the bottom...

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