Everyone deserves love. That guy in the mailroom, the one with the body odor, unibrow and extreme lack of social skills, even he deserves love. And while he may not have the obvious tools often needed to snag a lady (tall, dark and handsome okay, thats just my preference, but can you really go wrong with TD&H?), theres no reason he cant use what hes workin with. Whoever said that geeks dont get the girls, simply didnt know about these gadgets:
Pottery Barn's Tune-In Bed
Lure chicks into bed with the sweet sound system in Pottery Barn's Tune-In Bed. Just plug in your ipod and you're good to go. And if that doesn't work, there's always this:
Banpresto Aquapict LED Jellyfish Aquarium
Who can resist the hypnotic movements of the jellyfish in your choice of twelve colors! For $159 you can have these faux creatures (they're made out of silicone) all to yourself (and that lucky lady, of course).
But seriously folks. If you haven't picked up on the sarcasm, let me spell it out for you. Unless you're under the age of 11, a jellyfish disco box is a sure way to repell the ladies
If all else fails, it may be time to pick up a pair of tweezers and a stick of oldspice. Happy Hunting!

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I like the jellyfish lamp