Today feels like the first day of the rest of my life. Today all things make sense and I can go forth with confidence, knowing that all those existential questions that plagued me for so long have now been answered. My Buddha has come in the form of Livescribe, the coolest mother f*&&ing gadget under $200 to ever grace the tech world.
No longer will I struggle with my pocket sized Spanish/English dictionary when looking for the nearest public toilet in Tijuana. Ill simply write wheres the bathroom with my LiveScribe Pen on my Live Scribe Pad and the pen will translate to a nearby senora.
No longer will I take notes in meetings only to return to my desk unable to read my own handwriting. With LiveScribe I can simply tap on my notes with the pen and replay the meeting or email my notes to myself.
And finally, no longer will I have to expose my laptop to the harsh sand and sun of the beach while Im on vacation. I can blog in safety with LifeScribe and actually Post from the pad. Let me say that again. I can write (and draw!) on a piece of paper, and it will appear online, just like that.

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