PC Magazine backs up Retrevos Vipin Jain, agreeing that the iPhone is basically a bad piece of business technology, with poor dialing and text messaging. Reviewers Sascha Segan and Tim Gideon join Jain in their loyalty to the Blackberry, but where Segan and Gideon go on to knock the first version of the iPhone, Jain sees it as a genious marketing move, with plans to introduce updated versions in the future, paving a way for iphone to reach the global audience while continuing to keep early adopters motivated (to spend money of course). The Reviewers are also adamant about the iPhone being the best iPod ever, but it seems youll have to hang on to your actual iPod if you plan to dock it (plus it doesnt accommodate stereo headphones). So if youve got the money (and the insecurity) to buy the iPhone, ipod and blackberry, then youre pretty much set.

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