New York Times Tech writer John Markoff checks the temperature of those struck with iphone fever. It seems like everybody has an opinion, despite a release date thats weeks away (June 29th).

Apple iPhone

Commenter Kyle makes me wonder: what will I look like after iphone has rocked my face off? Also, have you been living under a rock, commenter Mike W? Cell phones not necessary?

I think I like Commenter SEGutowski's post the best:

At this day in age, a product like the iPhone is significant because it less about the product and more about the involvement of the consumer within the technology. Apple has consistently pushed the notion that technology should be understandable and approachable - not just impressive. The iPhone is an icon size example of an extraordinary business model.

True, true, but think about the products that have brought Apple success. Sure the ipod takes the cake, but the iphone will cost much more, at $600 bucks. What do you think? Will Apple lovers stay loyal to the brand, or will the price tag put consumers off?

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