This week the folks at woot break up office monotony,give a Saint a hard time, and show mad love for The Village People.
It only took 9 seconds for wooters to begin snatching up the USB Missile Launcher. In one hour 53% of the stock was gone, and by 6AM jhiemstra had scooped up the 4,500th and final one. Bosses the world over are crying into their corporate coffee cupswhile office underlings shout a collectivehurrah for one way topostpone the slowdeaththat is the 9-5.

In reading the blog for the Vivitar 8.1MP Digital Camera with 6X Optical Zoom and 2.8" LCD, I must ask Mr. Woot himself: What do you have against St. Peter? He was afisherman, one of the twelve apostles and, accordingto your blog, he obviously has a love for the sciences.So what if he has a bad memory. Have a little tolerance for a Saint a couple centuries old.Religious differences and respect for the elderly aside, the camera sold out, with all 1399 gone by 10am.
I am a child of the eighties and so I did dance to the YMCA, forming the letters above my head as I stepped from side to side, pink sweatpants, leg warmers and all. But I didn't, however, buy a Village People Record, even know the name of a Village People Record, and I definitely did not know about any movie. No so for Mr. Woot. He knows enough information about those fine and fabulous men to write an entire post about the Nyko iBoost Rechargeable Battery Pack for iPod with enough Village People references to shame anyone. Nevertheless, the product sold out, thanks to productman, and you and I are now forced to check out youtube for clips of this supposed Village People movie.

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