This week the folks at woot settle some family business,prevent a crime,and find the key to salvaging your marriage.It's all about with a little help from some home and tech gadgets. Check it out. speaker.jpg A post for the Saitek Portable 2.1 Speaker System makes me wonder what Grandwood ever did to deserve such hate mail from, did I get it right, Timble?. If Blasint Big, Booming Bassis a crime, then 2380 wooters just committed one. Hamilton_Beach_BlenderChef_Blender_-26_Food_ProcessorDXE-detail.jpg Who knew the Hamilton Beach BlenderChef Blender & Food Processor could inspire attempted murder. Apparently ordering a drink for a hot man in a dark bar is all good, as long as you don't have a hidden agenda, and, I might add, as long as the drink isn't Bacardi and OJ. Yuk. ADS_7__LCD_Digital_Photo_Frame_w128MB_Memorywkm-Detail1.jpg When your wife kicks you out of the house, don't dial the marriage counselor, just pick up the ADS 7" LCD Digital Photo Frame w/128MB Memory, put together a slideshow of your favorite memories as a couple, and set it to some rockin early 90's anthem. Woot guarantees its a sure way to climb back into bed and into her arms.

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