This weeks the folks at woot rework a classic saying while playing make-believe, trademark a new natural disaster, and show Al Gore whos boss. Did you just say kill two birds with one stone? How totally 2006 of you. Its now Kill three unicorns with one raindrop. Woot lifted the saying from some elf friends that discovered the Delphi Skyfi2 XM Receiver with Boombox and Car Kit, their raindrop covering the three unicorns of radio listening: home, car, and while you walk. Confused? Me to. But the product is only 50 bucks, so if it doesnt make any sense, its no big loss. Delphi_Skyfi2_XM_Receiver_with_Boombox_and_Car_Kitjfv-Thumbnail.jpg Losing ones house to a tornado is simply a tragedy, so is losing ones house to a tsunami. Even more tragic is losing ones house to both a tornado and tsunami, and then not knowing what to call the event (woot offers two options: tornami or tsunado). But whats most tragic, apparently, is not knowing how to take and print digital photos. Not to worry. 1492 people may have lost their house, but since scooping up the Kodak 7.1MP Camera & Printer Dock Plus Bonus Bundle, atleast theyve solved the most pressing problem. Prime_Pilot_600_Portable_GPS0g5-Detail.jpg Really, what is the point of the internet if it cant give you the info you want. Better yet, what good is a product if you cant find information about it on the internet? Im not sure I care. And neither do 600 wooters, who bought the entire supply of Prime Pilot 600 Portable GPS, which, according to the internet, doesnt even exist. Take that, Al Gore.

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