The Tech Chronicles' Ryan Kimtakes on social mapping, listing the pros and cons of the big brother-type trackingservice that now comes (for only $2.99)with 25 Sprint and Nextel phones. Really his pros don't seem like pros. He fails to mention any real benefits, like when you have to meet up with a friend who is always late, you can avoid waiting alone for an hour at the cafe by mapping his progress to know when to leave your house. Or how about the safety benefits for children and their parents?

We've all seen the Mel Gibson movie Ransom, where Gary Sinise takes off with Mel's kid. Totally avoidable with this new service. Also, there was this one time where my friend was driving to my parents' house in the sticks and even I didn't know the names of the streets she should be turning on. I guess if I had this service I could watch her movements on my phone and simply tell her left or right.

Anyway... The service can be turned on and off, but if my boyfriend turned his off, that might be even more suspicious than if I could track him to his ex-girlfriend's place. I'm getting paranoid already and I haven't even bought the service. This can't be good.

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