Treehugger gets comprehensive, compiling all the info you'll ever need to go green electronically. I've only gotten throught the second part of the first section, but already I feel enlightened. Well first I felt like an idiot, then I felt enlightened. Did you know that wasting electricity is possible even when your electronics are turned off? Since I was young my Mom insisted all electronics, including the television,be turned off when one left the room. This was a pain since, as mentioned in an earlier entry, I have a small bladder and would get up numerous times to pee during one half-hour show. Anyway...now I'm all grown up, which means I've turned into my Mom, and I'm adamant about turning off lights, the TV, etc. Turns out that's not enough.  Even plugs left in sockets (like cell phone chargers, ipod chargers, any chargers) still pull currents from their sockets.  But not to fear. Instead of pulling out every plug whenever you leave a room, treehugger suggests using a power strip, so you can simply flip the switch when necessary.

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