engadget begins their review of theCompass 47-inch 1080p PC / TV combo by saying it might not be for everybody, and I start to wonder, is it right for me? At first I think, well, it's a space-saver, and that's important in a small San Francisco apartment. But then I think, well, my mac is really only the size of two magazines stacked on top of eachother and really, how much space is that saving. Then I think, I live in a city, and the other week my friend got robbed and, well, if I got robbed, and my Compass combo was stolen, then I'd be out of a TV and a computer (At his time I take a break from thinkingto check all the locks, doors, and windows in my apartment). ThenI think, well, I do like to mess around on the computer while I'm watching TV, and with the combo I'd have to really focus when watching TV, because I wouldn't be able to do that. But before I get a chance to really flesh out a concrete answer, I finish reading the review and realize the product is only coming out in Korea. So nevermind.

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