Ever the tough retail competitor, Walmart offered a taste of Black Friday last Saturday. It looked like a little warehouse cleaning along with some pretty good deals. For example:

There was a Sony PlayStation 3 (80GB) game system, along with a $100 gift card, for $399. Many Play Station configurations come with a Blu-ray DVD player that is capable of supporting the latest Blu-ray Profile 2.0 standard. You would pay well over $200 for a similar stand alone Blu-ray player. On the other hand Dell has two PS3 systems listed on their site one is the Elite bundle which includes a 120GB hard drive and two bundled games for $399.

Walmart also offered an Olevia 55 inch 1080p LCD TV for a killer price. It's listed on the Walmart site now for $1,298. It's a great TV, only problem the company has gone into bankruptcy.

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