One of the challenges with shopping for a consumer electronics product is finding the right product at the right price (leave alone understanding what all the technical mumbo-jumbo is). Now I won't call myself a bargain hunter but I do care about good values if I can find those easily in the limited time I have to research and buy.

Here is a product I have been wanting to buy, a digital photo frame. So today, I decided to find the right product: the right looks, the right form factor, the right connectivity (read wifi), support for pictures, videos and music and a reliable brand. Using Retrevo's Product Advisor, I fairly quickly zoomed into Kodak W1020 (also released as Kodak 8594798) that had everything I wanted, clicked on manufacturer listing to get a better understanding on Kodak's web site, clicked on user reviews tab, went on to read user reviews on Amazon and instictively added the product to the cart at $199 (seemed like a good price compared to $269 that Kodak advertised on their web site). Then I just thought may be I should check other prices on Retrevo under Deals and Prices channel and voila, I stumbled upon $149 advertised by Dell for the same product. How could that be true, such a difference in prices at all tier-1 merchants (25% cheaper than on Amazon)? I clicked on and sure enough, Dell is running a special promotion on cameras and camcorders (well, they categorize digital photo frames under digital cameras) and Kodak W1020 that they would normally sell for $232 was selling for $149. Of course I made the purchase.

So is the latest 10" digital photo frame model from Kodak with support for pictures, videos and music, wifi connectivity, 512 MB internal memory, support for all memory card formats, Internet and RSS streaming selling for $149 (plus tax, shipping is free) a good deal when Kodak is selling it at $269? It absolutely is. Don't take my word for it, check it out yourself here.

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