Here's is a good selection of frames for under $100 to help you keep the wife happy while not adding too much extra stress on your wallet.  
Personally, I think the Coby DP-769 is a very decent value for the price as low as $57. It comes with an array of features, such as multiple media card choices, 7" widescreen display, MP3 player, and much more. You can showcase your new baby, show the wife you care, and likely get some sizzling play all for under sixty bucks. Now that sounds like a Merry Christmas.  
  Another Coby product is the modern, tech styled Coby DP-557 digital photo frame. This frame is a large 8 inches wide by 7 inches tall which will work great to show off the pictures of you and wifey (well, at least the ones you WANT people to see) and of course the kids. Matching its techy style the Coby DP-557 also plays videos and music alowing you to share family moments in a vivid and engaging way. You can easily add media from your USB drive and it supports all the popular formats for photos, videos and music.  
When you just need the basics, the Audiovox DPF700 digital photo frame is a decent choice. It supports common photo formats which can be easily added to the frame with a USB. It has a large 7" display and supports a widescreen view (16:9 aspect ratio). The best thing about this product is the white frame. It will fit with nearly all the furniture you have so you won't have to hear the wife complain that it doesn't match.    




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dude, your writing seriously

dude, your writing seriously sucks. Someone take away this dude's pen before he writes again!

"show off the pictures of

"show off the pictures of you and wifey (well, at least the ones you WANT people to see)..."

First off, the word "wifey" is sexist and insulting. Second, what are you refering to exactly when you say, "the ones you WANT people to see?"

Remind me not to read anything you write, ever again. Ever!