If she’s got a laptop, laptop coolers are cheap and do an excellent job keeping your laptop cool.

Even though your best friend is not tech-savvy, she will definitely need to use the computer for email, web browsing, and even word processing if she is still in school. Not to mention, going on facebook or chatting with friends into the night with her laptop.

This Antec cooler will keep her laptop at a lower temperature and she will not complain that it burns her hands when she types or her lap when she takes it portable into the living room and on the couch.


memeFlash Memory for Cameras

He has to have a camera right? Is it digital? Flash memory can come in handy!

Let him know his best friend is there and cares! Give him more space to take more pictures and longer videos. The amount of pictures taken are only limited to the space you have available.

Sony & Sandisk are some great names




samnsSamsung DIGIMAX S760

If she doesn’t have a digital camera, what good will flash memory do?

This camera goes for under $100 and is a simple point and shoot camera.

7.2MP with better than average features.

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