1TB Western Digital External HD

  • A bigger external HD works similar to your wallet. The bigger the wallet, the more money it can hold. But in this case, it can be more valuable than money.
  • External HDs can hold your precious music collection from years and years ago, your recordings of your own music, precious moments taken from your digital cameras, school documents, movies, everything you can think of!
  • The external hd is packed with a USB interface that works on many computers that have a USB port. This makes it easy for your college student to bring home all of his/her data back home without the need to bring a heavy desktop/laptop home.

Canon Powershot A630 Digital Camera
  • Some adults reflect back and say that their most eventful and treasured moments happened in college.
  • You do not want your college student to miss out on his/her precious college years because they don’t have a camera to document their events in this important phase in their lives.
  • Pictures taken on trips, outings, parties, or just in their dorm room/apartment can be used to post and share on social networking sites such as myspace/facebook. Students can even share with their high school friends who went to a different college 500 miles away, and of course..to let their mom and dad know what’s happening in their college lives
  • Cameras nowadays have video capability. An upgraded camera with the newest technology would definitely make your college student happy.

iPod Touch
  • Cutting edge technology for the young college person.
  • Pocket sized made for traveling to class, going back home, or on the bus
  • Great way to have some music, apps, or games to solve your life’s problems with GREAT STYLE (google maps, restaurant locator, etc..but only available with WIFI connection)

  • The average college student sleeps way after midnight
  • Some stay up all night to work on a research paper/study for a midterm and finally get to sleep at 5AM and have to get up for their 10AM class. This is where a stylish alarm clock with a lot of functions can come in handy.
  • The iHome makes use of your ipod and lets you wake up to your
    favorite tunes.

  • College students, as well as many laptop users, do not have enough USB ports for their everyday use.
  • Let’s say you have a laptop, sometimes the maximum number of USB ports you have are 3. If you get a 4 port USB hub, you will plug it in one USB port and you will end up with 6 usb ports that are open.
  • One can be a digital camera link, a usb flash drive, printer, external hd, laptop cooler, or even a wireless keyboard/mouse combo.

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