Hitting the floor at full speed today. First stop the Asian Pavilion. Here's where you find the cool gizmos and gadgets like Bluetooth headsets with rhinestones on them, tiny MP3 audio players, Video players that sell for 20 bucks and HD camcorders that sell for $100. My daughter asked me to pick up another ladybug Bluetooth headset.

Over to the main hall where the joint is jumping. If the crowd size and enthusiasm is any indication, the consumer electronics industry is alive and well. I guess people just love shiny gadgets that make their lives more fun. On the way there, I passed through the North Hall which is where all the car related products are. I checked out ATT's Cruise Cast which is a new satellite TV (and radio) system for a cars, boats, etc. The small antenna and receiver cost $1300 and you pay $28 a month so the kids can watch their favorite TV shows anywhere in the Continental United States.

At the Panasonic booth which is a monster of a booth, they were showing the same 150" plasma TV they showed last year. I checked out the 3MOS camcorder which offers improved sensors for HD recording, the micro four thirds cameras were there in an array of colors. These SLRs are smaller and lighter than conventional SLR and supposedly take almost as good pictures.

More Green at the Show

I'm seeing more emphasis on environmental issues at this show. Panasonic had a whole area showing how eco-friendly the company is with lower power products that use fewer resources to manufacture and a growing recycling program. Motorola had a big eco-friendly sign that could have said "these cell phones are made from recycled materials.

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