Lots to See But Nothing Earth Shaking Yet

The show is a veritable three ring circus, everywhere you look there is something to check out whether it's the megabooths in the main hall, the conference room demos, the press-only mini-trade shows at night, the sessions, and on an on. There are lots of new products here but so far they seem mostly like incremental or evolutionary changes and not anything dramatically new and different. For example there are beautiful new flat panel TVs that are bigger, thinner, and have gorgeous pictures on the screens. Yes there are new lines like the Sony XBR9 and Samsung's Luxia and many of those sets have 240Hz refresh which may or may not make a big difference over 120Hz but it sounds better. Same thing with cameras; more pixles, smaller package, and cheaper in other words, smaller, better, cheaper. Samsung who some are calling the new Sony is showing the TL100 which is a 12MP point and shoot camera that is 14mm thick and Sony is going to selling a 10MP, 4X camera, the S950 for a very low $129. If the big question in your mind is; is there anything here that would make me hold off on purchasing something. So far it looks safe to say go ahead and buy that HDTV for the Super Bowl. On the other hand there's more show to see and I'll be reporting in later today.

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