Some thorough analysis by the HDGuru of the new line of 2009 Sony TVs (due out any day), reveals that in some cases you might do well to find a close out deal on last year's model. For example, according to HDGuru the 2009 S5100 models are "identical" to the 2008 models except for the addition of a USB port. On the other hand the 2009 V5100 line will now feature 120 Hz refresh rates which could be worth spending an extra $200 on. On the other hand, the 2008 "Z" series does 120 Hz  so look for some good deals on 2008 models. Meanwhile the new 2009 Z5100 is going to 240 Hz. It remains to be seen if 240 Hz is a real improvement or merely marketing specsmanship.

Sony XBR is up to number "9" this year which according to the HDGuru replaces the 2008 XBR 6. The XBR 9 will offer 240 Hz, improved back lighting , and Energy Star 3 compliance.

We still think the BRAVIA XBR 8 with RGB LED backlighting could be one the best LCD TVs on the market. It does cost around $7,000 though. So far there is no news on the 2009 XBR8's.

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