I love Bluetooth. I hate Bluetooth. I'm using a Palm Treo Pro running Windows Mobile 6.1 along with my favorite stereo Bluetooth headset, the Voyager 855 from Plantronics. It's a wonderful combo when it works, which is most of the time. The stereo wireless connection is great for listening to audio through the fabulous Kinoma player and I can answer calls without changing headsets. The combination of Bluetooth phone and headset seems to suffer from a common computer problem especially typical of Microsoft products; when they work which is most of the time, they're great. When they don't, it can be very frustrating. The problem is especially true with Bluetooth; it gets flakey at the most inconvenient times. Pairing seems to have a mind of its own; sometimes a call goes through the headset, sometimes it doesn't. Just today, I was trying to use the headset on a conference call initiated on my Treo Pro and I couldn't get it to reliably connect through the headset no matter what I tried. I'm sure if you got everyone in the same room Palm would point the finger at Microsoft, Microsoft at Palm (or HTC) and both would point to Bluetooth as the culprit and I'm sure there is some user error (moi) to factor in as well.

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headsets that are compatible w/the treo pro

Andrew -- I completely understand the pain you're having with the Treo Pro.  I bought a Sony BT headset specifically because I wanted BT headphones so I could stream music using A2DP...only to find out that it's not on the compatibility list for the phone.  And when it's not on that list...it means the phone will lock up as soon as the headset isn't in range, calls don't always go through the headset, etc. etc. 

Here's the compatibility list for the phone:  http://kb.palm.com/wps/portal/kb/common/article/2194_en.html

I eventually broke down and bought one that was at least a successor to one that was on the certified list, and so far I haven't had any issues.  :)

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