Got an extra coupon? Need a coupon? Know someone who does? Here's your chance to do a good deed and help someone who needs a coupon, get one. Right now the government isn't going to get them one so Retrevo set up this exchange to match people with an extra coupon to people who need one.

It's very simple; if someone has an extra coupon that they are willing to put in the mail or have someone pick up all they do is provide Retrevo with their email address and zip code and Retrevo will hook them up with someone who needs one. If someone needs a coupon, they just submit their email address and zip code and Retrevo will try and connect them with someone who has an extra coupon.

Retrevo will make the initial introduction, matching people in the same vicinity, if picking up the coupon is an option. Beyond the introduction, the two parties must make their own arrangements to exchange the coupons, i.e. mail or pick up.


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