iPhone vs. BlackBerry Owners:
Your Phone Tells All
At the risk of over-generalizing and creating unfair stereotypes of smart phone owners, a recent Retrevo Gadgetology study asked smartphone owners all kinds of questions about lifestyle, demographics, and how they use their gadgets. Some questions were more on the personal side like what makes a person attractive while other questions were more about things like how often they check in with Facebook or Twitter. What emerged were some pretty clear and amusing differences between iPhone and BlackBerry owners.
BlackBerry Owners Are From Venus…
…or is it Mars? Wherever they’re from the Gadgetology study found men prefer BlackBerries and women prefer iPhones. It could have something to do with a larger number of males in corporate America using company phones connected to enterprise email systems or that iPhones are just more fun to use but 59% of respondents who use BlackBerries were men while 53% of the respondents who use iPhones were women.
Do You Find Me Attractive?
Even if you don’t agree with iPhone owners’ priorities in this area, at least you can say they are honest when it comes to what sorts of things make people attractive to them. iPhone owners said they find cool gadgets, “most attractive,” about a person, in fact, three times more than they find a college degree attractive. Those sensible BlackBerry owners, on the other hand, have that priority reversed.

By the way, if you’re looking to hook up with an smartphone owner you better have the latest gadgets as 34% of iPhone owners and 29% of BlackBerry owners think old gadgets on a potential partner are a turn off.

If a potential romantic partner had out-of-date gadgets, would that be a turn-off?

iPhone Owners Are Bad Breaker Uppers
The Gadgetology study asked a series of questions about using phones in relationships but didn't find a lot of differences in answers to questions like, "Is it okay to propose marriage using a text message?" Everyone agreed that was a no, no. However, we did find that iPhone owners are more likely to break up with someone “electronically” than BlackBerry owners. Call them old fashioned, but at least those BlackBerry owners have the courage to break up face to face.

Have you ever texted or emailed someone to break up with them?

Not only are iPhone owners more risky partners but findings indicate some duplicitous behavior in that department. The study found that although iPhones owners are more “addicted,” to their iPhones, using them more everywhere they go, as a group they are less tolerant of heavy smartphone use by their significant others saying they have broken off relationships because their partner spent too much time with their mobile device.

Have you ever broken off a romantic relationship because your partner spent too much time on their mobile device?

iPhones Owners Think They Do More in Life
Of the study respondents, Retrevo found iPhone owners say they do more of just about everything we asked them about than Blackberry owners. They use more smartphones apps (no kidding – 100,000 more), they use their smart phones more for activities like watching videos, checking sports scores, and texting and they even watch more adult material on their iPhones than BlackBerry owners.

Do you use your phone frequently for?

When the study asked smartphone owners to characterize themselves, iPhone owners rated themselves higher as Intellectuals, Extroverts, and Media Buffs than BlackBerry owners. Interestingly though, partners of BlackBerry owners ranked their BlackBerry owning partners slightly higher in these areas.

How do you see yourself (check all that apply)?

Draw Your Own Conclusions
As we warned in the beginning of this report, this data could lead to creating unfair stereotypes but you have to admit, it sure paints a picture of a group of smartphone owners that “think different,” and another more down-to-earth, mainstream group of BlackBerry owners.
About the Gadgetology Report
The Retrevo Gadgetology report is an ongoing study of people and electronics from the consumer electronics shopping site Retrevo.com. The data for this report came from a study of online individuals (non-Retrevo users), conducted by an independent panel. The sample size was 445 iPhone and BlackBerry owners distributed across gender, age, income and location in the United States. The responses have a confidence interval of 4% at a 95% confidence level.

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Do NOT judge people by their phones!

When they did this survey, I am sure that the majority of people that own an iPhone or BlackBerry did NOT participate, and those who did probably are not an fair sample of all of the people, because obviously the majority of responses are going to be slanted this way, because BlackBerry's are loaded with great bussiness features and can integrate with corporate email as long as your employer has a BES Server, but the BlackBerry will never stand up to an iPhone or most any other phone for media/games. So, the upright, hard-working people will usually either get a BlackBerry because their company has a BES Server, or else get one of plenty of other good phones other than the iPhone. An iPhone will not have a physical keyboard, but it has a big screen, so people that are into media, games, etc. will prefer that over a BlackBerry. So those looking to be "in the mix" with people who think iPhones are what makes you cool and nothing else will compete, and want to use gadgets to attract a partner in that crowd, will want an iPhone, and anyone working for one of the many companies that have a BES Server will want a BlackBerry to use for work, because their calendar and email are integrated seamlessly to their phone. Someone who isn't completely fixed on one of those goals will often realize that neither the BlackBerry nor the iPhone is the "best". For example, the Samsung Epic 4G, the Samsung Intercept, and the HTC Touch Pro2 all have big touchscreens like the iPhone, yet still have big QWERTY Keyboards because they are slide-outs. I seriously like Android phones, like the Intercept and Epic 4G mentioned above, because there is a lot of free stuff without any restrictions and needing to "jailbreak". And even so, phones are things, and people should not be judged by what kind of phones they have.



My friend Christoph

My friend Christoph from Switzerland just recently switched from iPhone to BB and I must say much of your data just fit perfectly with him.

I used to own a blackberry.

I used to own a blackberry. Today I am using an Iphone. I can tell the difference, Iphone is much better.

Even if 445 people were

Even if 445 people were enough of a sample to account for age, gender, etc., there is innate sample bias in studying the iPhone.

Blackberries are available on several cell phone carriers, but iPhones are only available on one unless you "jailbreak it." I'll bet jail breakers have a much different "typical" profile than those who stay with A&T.

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