2009 Black Friday Consumer Spending Study
Gadget Shoppers Prefer to Shop Online
A recent Retrevo Gadgetology report examining consumer behavior around Black Friday found more respondents or 22% preferred to shop for consumer electronics online this year compared to 18% who are planning to go to the store. When asked their reason for not going to a store 12% of all respondents said they "can't afford it," another 18% said it was "too much trouble," while only 4% said they "don't think the store will have what I want." Admittedly, this study asked visitors to Retrevo, an online reviews and shopping site but we were still surprised to see the most common reason consumers picked for not going to a store this Black Friday was a preference for shopping online.

Will you go to a store to buy Electronics this Black Friday? If not, why?

Bargain Hunters Scored Last Year
Of those who went to the store to buy electronics last year on Black Friday, we wanted to find out if it was worth the trouble. Good news - 72% of those who made the effort last year said they got what they wanted. More good news for retailers is the fact that 48% of those who went to the store last Black Friday, bought other items beyond what they were looking for.

At the store on Black Friday, did you get the electronics product you wanted?

HDTV Tops Black Friday Wish List
According to the study, the product most bargain hunters will be looking for is a TV followed by a new laptop. Game consoles and MP3 players were lowest on the shopping list while GPS and Blu-ray players were tied with less than half as many shoppers looking for these products as new TVs.

What are you looking to buy this Black Friday?

Big Spenders Split between Online and Going to the Store
Consumers that plan on spending big bucks on consumer electronics this year aren’t necessarily choosing in-store over online. 18% of those who said they were going to a store on Black Friday said they were planning on spending more than $1,000 (most likely for a TV) on electronics this holiday season, compared to 22% of those who prefer to shop online.

How much do you plan to spend on electronics this holiday season?

A reasonable number (18%) of respondents indicated they were going to the store this Black Friday to buy an electronics product. We wish them luck! Of the larger group of shoppers who indicated they were going to stay warm and dry in the comfort of their homes and shop online, we suggest they make a stop at Retrevo.com.
About Retrevo Gadgetology
This study was conducted on Retrevo.com with a sample size of over 1100 respondents distributed geographically across the US, and across gender and age, over a 10 day period from November 13-22, 2009.
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