Twas The Day After Presents (Tale of the Missing Manual)

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Twas the day after presents
And all through the spree
The manual was missing
For your HDTV

The inputs weren't wired
The receiver was black
Your in-laws were angry
And starting to pack

You'd searched the couch cushions
And it wasn't there
You'd found the remote
Ten cents change, and some hair

The children were restless
And dying to see
Their favorite cartoons
On the big new TV

To Retrevo.com
You flew in a dash
Your computer lit up
Your screen gave a flash

The manual was there
For your HDTV
To download and print,
You did so with glee

You plugged in the cables
You set-up the theater
You calibrated the screen
And even the speakers

The system was perfect
You did, it all right
And you all settled in
For a good movie night.

Happy Holidays and may you always find the manual at Retrevo: http://www.retrevo.com/samples/index.html

Poem By Jennifer Jacobson

Retrevo's Director of Public Relations

For more information contact:
Jennifer Jacobson
Director of Public Relations


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