Is it Wrong to Check Someone’s Email Without Them Knowing?
Do Today’s Gadgets Make it Too Easy?
The phone is sitting on the dining room table, your boyfriend or girlfriend is sound asleep in the bedroom, it would be so easy to just scroll down the call list or read a few text messages but you say to yourself, “no, this isn’t right,” or just out of curiosity, would you pick up the phone and check out a few messages? Gadgets, in particular, cell phones and smartphones, have taken over the role of address book, organizer, and correspondence medium for many people. Everyone’s personal information is, more times than not, left sitting on the kitchen counter, readily available to “curious” onlookers like spouses, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, significant others, or who knows, even nosy mothers-in-law.
A Lot of Younger Dating Couples “Snoop”
The latest Retrevo Gadgetology study asked ordinary people whether or not they found it too tempting to “eavesdrop” on someone else’s email and discovered that 38% those under 25, in a dating relationship have “snooped” on their boyfriends or girlfriends messages. Furthermore, 10% of that age group who “snooped” discovered that the other person was unfaithful and ended up breaking off the relationship. When you expand the group to include everyone, the percentage of email snoopers goes down to 28%.
Married Couples
Do It Too

Although “dating” couples snoop more than married couples, 36% of couples in a committed relationship (spouses and partners) indicated they check emails or call histories without their significant other’s knowledge. Compared to the 10% of dating couples who discovered infidelities only 3% of the "married" group discovered they were being cheated on.
Men Are As Likely to Snoop As Women
Unfaithful lovers of the world take note, if you’re cheating on your husband, wife or significant other, there’s about a 30% chance you’re going to get found out if you happen to leave incriminating phone history and messages on your phone. The study found more women (33%) just slightly more likely than men (30%) saying they snoop on their spouse or partner.
Although the overwhelming majority of respondents say they have never checked their partner’s email or call history without their knowledge, it sure looks like there are a lot of couples out there who either don’t feel they can trust their partners or are just overly “curious” and resort to reading private emails, checking call histories and scanning messages. It looks like this behavior is fairly common and often results in serious consequences like broken relationships. We’re not trained psychologists qualified to offer theories on human behavior but as gadget experts we do see trends where more and more personal information is kept on easily accessible devices like smartphones and laptop computers like the Lenovo G450
About Retrevo Gadgetology
The Retrevo Gadgetology Report is an ongoing study of people and electronics from the consumer electronics shopping and review site Retrevo.com. The data for this report was collected in early 2010 from a study of online individuals conducted by an independent panel, exclusively for Retrevo. The sample size was just over 1,000 distributed across gender, age, income and location in the United States. Most responses have a confidence interval of 4% at a 95% confidence level.

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What kind of graph is that?!

What kind of graph is that?! It says W 33% and M 30% but the height of the W column is about 30% higher --> completely misleading!


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