Strange and Unusual MP3 Players
The spirit of originality and one-upmanship in the iPod-dominated MP3 player market has birthed, over the years, an impressive array of shiny gadgets for the Retrevo crew to smudge up. We’ve witnessed the creation of many strange and unusual offspring some of which live on while others either never saw the light of day or have faded away with no one to love them. That said; let’s take a look at our selection of strange and unusual MP3 Players.
Dog Doll with Built-in Speakers
Hey, even Aibo had to start somewhere; it’s like a troll doll mated with Barbie’s poodle. We don’t know if this is supposed to be an MP3 player or the latest member of a fictional animal kingdom
but you can own your own MP3 playing dog for about $18.
SATY Emergency MP3 player
Self-Rescue has never been more fun; not only can this true Frankenstein device play MP3s and 4s, but the SATY Emergency MP3 player also has a flashlight, a charger for other mobile devices, a radio, an SOS alarm, a mosquito repellant, and, the clincher, a breathalyzer. The next time you find yourself drunk and lost in the dark near a body of standing water, rest assured you’ll be sober and entertained while awaiting your fate. This device was spotted at CES but unfortunately you may have to go to Hong Kong to find one and even then who knows if you can actually buy one there.
Victorinox SwissBeat
Not missing any opportunity, Victorinox jumped on the MP3 bandwagon. Available in 1 and 2 GB versions, the SwissBeat makes the plethora of tasks that call for tiny scissors that much more entertaining. For the $150-plus price tag, there are fancier media players out there, but none so well equipped for outdoor survivalists.
Sony Rolly the Dancing MP3 Player

A somewhat cute, but odd mashup of MP3 player and dancing robot is the Sony Rolly. Shaped like a football with wings, Rolly will flap, spin, and light up the dance floor in sync with tunes played from internal memory or streamed over Bluetooth. To us, it seems more like a technology demo than even a niche product. Still, Rolly can be yours for just five Benjamins ($549 to be exact), ouch.
RITMO Prenatal Musical System
RITMO wants every kid to start using their MP3 player while still in the womb. Based on legit research into the Mozart Effect, the unfortunately-acronymed PMS helps your fetus grow into a smarter adult by playing educational music and programs… Just don’t get your playlists mixed up. It costs $99.
Pala-Chan Whale Player
It’s the fail-whale incarnate. Sporting a backlit screen on the belly and 512k of storage inside, it makes us wonder who had the idea to access the player through the tail. There's a page for it on Toshiba's site but who knows if you can still buy one.
Retrevo's MP3 Player Uses the Key of “G” for Gadgets
Retrevo would never put you through such melodic torture. We will however, help you navigate the world of gadgets from reviews of the latest HDTVs, digital cameras, and laptops, to manuals for stuff you may already have.

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It’s the fail-whale

It’s the fail-whale incarnate. http://www.onlypass4sure.com Sporting a backlit screen on the belly and 512k of storage inside, pass4sure 640-864 it makes us wonder who had the idea to access the player through the tail. There's a page for it on Toshiba's site but who knows if you can still buy one.


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Dogdoll with built in speakers

just want to let you guys know that the 'dogdoll' is infact the alien that was the main star in Stephen Chow's (of Kungfu Hustle fame) CJ7 movie released in 2008. To be frank, I think the Chinese took this franchisee thing to another whole new level...

How No Moo Cow?

A little surprised that Creative's udderly infamous player didn't make the list!