Hands-on With the
Sony BDP-S570 Blu-ray Player
As we mentioned in our last Gadget News section, three of us at Retrevo all bought the new Sony BDP-S570 Blu-ray player. For a connected, 3D compatible Blu-ray player that can be purchased for under $200 this one appears to be a very good buy at the moment. So far my experience with this player has been very positive. Set up was a snap, only one cable (HDMI) to connect to my HDTV and it was off and running. It found my home WiFi network and after I entered my encryption key it was connected to the Internet. By the way, we have heard reports of streaming problems with home networks using 802.11g routers. I have an 802.11n router and so far streaming has been flawless. If you’re going to be doing a lot of streaming, it might be time to consider a router upgrade.
Pandora Reveals Audio Deficiencies
Getting Pandora and Netflix running was very straightforward only requiring a quick visit to the web on a computer (or phone) to enter a couple of activation codes. Once connected, I could pick one of my Pandora stations or a Netflix movie from my queue and start streaming. The only drawback with Pandora is it made me realize how inadequate the audio was on my HDTV set. I plan on going to work on that soon and will be reporting on audio solutions like soundbars. I have to say it was sad to visit my local Blockbuster knowing they are struggling to stay in business, on the other hand if I owned stock in companies I write about (which I don’t), I would consider investing in Netflix. The streaming movies loaded pretty fast, looked just fine in 720p and sounded good too. To me, the connected TV looks like the future and Netflix seems to have it together in this department.

I chose the fast load option on the player and true to its name, you no longer have to tap your foot waiting for a DVD movie to come up on the screen. Playback through HDMI was just want you’d expect from Blu-ray and that is a big step up from DVDs, even upconverted DVDs.

Sony Coming Back
I have to admit, as a former diehard Sony fan having owned a few Trinitrons and Walkmans in my days, and then watching as Sony fell behind its competitors like Apple and others, I’m glad to see Sony making a comeback at least with this Blu-ray player.

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