This Week in Gadgets
Finally, a Blu-Ray Player
Worth the Price
If you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy a Blu-ray player, that time may have come. Three of us at Retrevo (including myself) recently bought a Sony BDP-S570 Blu-ray player for around $200. I got mine for $193 at Amazon. This Blu-ray player has all the right specs: WiFi connectivity, HDMI 1.4 compliance, streaming content like Netflix and Pandora, 3D compatibility, and super fast load time. You can even control it using an iPhone/iPod Touch App called “BD Remote.” And by the way, it looks and sounds pretty good too.
Continuous Focus
Comes to Digital Cameras

As cameras continue to replace camcorders for shooting video a feature common to all camcorders, continuous focus, may become the hot new feature in digital still cameras. Nikon recently announced its first DSLR, the D3100, to offer continuous auto-focus. The only drawback may be some audible noise from the moving lens that could show up in your soundtrack. The Nikon D3100 will be available in September for $699.95. Okay Canon, your turn.
New Projector Camera
Speaking of Nikon announcements, in September, Nikon will also be shipping a new version of their projector camera, the COOLPIX S1100pj which boasts a brighter projector, built-in stand, and the ability to project what’s on your computer screen via a USB connection. The s1100pj has an MSRP of $349.95 and comes in colors. We hope it has a good, long lasting battery.
Jailbreaking Your Nook
With all the attention paid to Kindles and iPads, we sometimes forget how cool the Nook is. In fact an article in a recent Popular Science reminded us how hackable the Android-based Nook can be. A “rooted” Nook can run Pandora and other Android apps. We should remind everyone, hack your Nook at your own risk but it is based on Open Source after all. There are active communities and sites like nookdevs.com and hackthenook.com that have all kinds of interesting Nook info.
U.S. Open in 3D
If you have access to DirecTV’s n3D channel and of course, a 3DTV you can watch tennis balls fly out of your set from Aug. 30 – Sept. 12. CBS will be using 3D cameras from Pace 3D, the company that worked with James Cameron to develop 3D cameras used to film Avatar.
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LG HBM 570
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BD Remote...

Wonderful! Another dopey blog where Andrew provides no real hands-on information except for what he's copied and pasted off of the company's (in this case, Sony) website. For the record, BD Remote only works on BD Remote enabled BD's. I have only seen one, 'Inglourious Basterds' and the whole thing is dumb anyway. Why would you fumble with your iPhone/iPod Touch when you can just use your BD remote or Universal? Pointless feature, but also, you imply that it's a feature unique to the Sony BD-S570 and it's not. It can be used with any BD player that supports a WiFi connection including a PS3.

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Hands-on report coming soon

Hey Shawn, good input on the iPhone app but you have to admit tablets and smartphones might become more common in the living room as device and home controllers. There's a hands-on report coming next week but so far my experience has been all positive with easy setups of connected features like Pandora and Netflix and fast load, by the way, is really fast. Stay tuned

I believe the iPhone 5C will

I believe the iPhone 5C will be a real success. Eric