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Android Shortcuts and Tips You Should Know About

The iPhone isn't the only phone that has some time-saving shortcuts. Even though we're sure some of you may already be familiar with a lot of them we've assembled a collection of some Android shortcuts we like and think everyone should know about.

Long Pressing Shortcuts
Long pressing means the same thing as tap and hold and is one of the more common ways of making a shortcut work in Android. Here’s a list of some long press functions:

Long press a blank area of the home screen and you can add a useful shortcut like one of these:

• Direct dial a contact from your address book
• Start a text message to one of your contacts
• Create a navigation icon to provide driving directions to a location like your home. You first choose Shortcuts > Directions and Navigation, enter your home address as the destination, name the shortcut (i.e. "Home"), choose an icon and then from wherever you are all you have to do to find your way home is press the icon on your home screen. You can also press it to get traffic conditions before you leave work and don't forget to use Google's "reroute" feature in case there's a traffic jam.
• Create a bookmark to a web page
Long press the Home key at anytime and it will bring up a list of the most recently used apps.
Long press the Menu key to bring up the keyboard when appropriate.
Long press the Search key to activate voice search.
Long press a link to open it, bookmark it, select the text, or copy the link URL.
Long press a location in Maps to see the address
You Might Like the
Android Power Strip

The Power Strip is a very powerful app that could save you a lot of time. It serves as an alternate home screen that co-exists nicely with the standard home screen. Not only does it make it very easy to toggle on and off power hungry apps like WiFi and Bluetooth when you're not using them, it holds shortcuts and widgets that you use frequently. It only costs $1.99.

Shortcut to Toggle

It's not a built-in shortcut but the AutoRotate Switch is a useful app that toggles auto-rotate on and off whenever you tap the app's shortcut.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Android phones with keyboards have a whole bunch of built-in keyboard shortcuts but you can create your own by going to Settings > Application Settings > Quick Launch. Here are some of the ones we use all the time:
Browser = Search + b
Contacts = Search + c
Google Mail = Search + g
Messaging = Search + s
You can also use keyboard shortcuts to navigate faster like using the spacebar for page down and shift + spacebar for page up. Alt + spacebar opens a special character list and there are also a lot of shortcuts for browsing and map functions using the menu key.
Best Shortcuts are Probably Apps and Widgets
As we looked around for new Android shortcuts to add to our collection we started to realize the best shortcuts are probably apps like Power Strip and similar widgets you can download for free. That said, we hope you discovered something here that will save you some time on your Android phone in the future.
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