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iPhone Shortcuts and Tips
You Should Know About
You don't have to be a power user to appreciate time-saving shortcuts for your iPhone. Although we're sure some of you may already be familiar with a lot of these, here's a collection of some of the ones we like and think everyone should know about. We've also added some fun tricks you may not have been aware of. If we missed any of your favorites please tell us about them.
Press and Hold Typing Shortcuts
Whether you call it long press, press and hold, or tap and hold, there are many time-saving shortcuts you can do on both an Android and Apple iPhone by pressing a key for an extra second or two.

On an iPhone, when you're writing an email address holding down the "." key will bring up a selection of domains like com, org, net, and edu that you slide your finger over to select and then release.

Hold the "123" button and drag your finger to insert a number or punctuation mark and it will go back to alpha mode when you release the key. A similar trick can be done with the shift key to get capital letters.

For another press and hold shortcut, just hold a letter for an extra second and a selection of alternate characters like the tilde over a letter in Spanish or accent in French. If the symbol you need doesn’t show up you can add an international keyboard under Settings > General > Keyboards.
Double Tapping Shortcuts
You can quickly add a period at the end of a sentence by double tapping the space bar. You save the time it takes to go into "123" mode, select a period and return.

To resize a Safari browser window to fit your screen double tap a column, word, or picture and it will resize to fit your screen width.

Misc. Shortcuts
Everyone probably knows this one but if you tap the top of the screen in Safari and other apps and you will be taken to the top of the page

Android owners can’t take a screen shot without rooting (jailbreaking) their phones and running an app. iPhone owners can use the built in screen shot feature. You press the home button and then push the sleep button on top of the iPhone the screen will flash white and the image of the screen will be saved to your "camera roll" folder. A similar function is available in Safari or Mail when you press the image for a second or two.

*Did you know?
You can voice dial by nicknames that you have added to your contact's info?
Microphone Shortcuts
There are a lot of functions you can perform with the microphone button here's the list:

One press will answer the call (no surprise here)
Two clicks sends the call to voicemail (you can do the same thing by pressing the "Sleep" button twice)
During a call one press hangs up the call
With a second incoming call
One press puts call on hold and answers second call
Hold down button for two seconds and release and to ignore call

When you're not on a call the button can be used to control the iPod functions
One press starts playing a song
One press can pause a song being played
Two presses skips to next song

Some Fun iPhone Tricks
Next time you have the calculator up try turning the phone in the horizontal orientation and your calculator will go into scientific mode.

Scrub a Song or Podcast

For fine tuning the point in a song drag the location indicator down. You’ll see a selection of scrub speeds. Without releasing your finger you can scrub left and right at the speed selected.

Focus Your Camera

Touch the area of the picture you are about to shoot and the camera will focus on that spot.

Go to Sleep With Your iPod

Use the clock app, set the timer, select “when timer ends,” then “start” and scroll to "Sleep iPod."
Send Us Your Shortcuts
If we left out one of your favorite shortcuts, tips or tricks please feel free to share them with everyone in a comment.
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The new thing I learned this week end was how to get a closer view of subject about to photograph by tapping on screen which brings up a slide bar to get a closer pix.


Microphone Shortcuts

if you hold the microphone button down on the headset for about 5 sec you get voice controls to popup and can say "call xxxx mobile or ipone or home.

Screenshot works on my 3GS.

Screenshot works on my 3GS. Hold the home button and press the sleep button. These are physical buttons, not screen buttons.


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Microphone button

When playing the music, other than 1 or 2 presses on the microphone button, 3 presses can go back to the previous song~