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RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook
RIM threw their hat into the tablet ring with the announcement of the BlackBerry PlayBook. This 7-inch tablet has some features that the current iPad lacks like dual cameras for video conferencing and the ability to play Adobe Flash content. It runs a proprietary new QNX OS from a recent RIM acquisition that claims to be very robust and enterprise-friendly. We’ll be interested in seeing how many developers sign on to port their iPad and Android apps or create new “corporate” tablet apps but a BlackBerry tablet has potential to grab a big share of the corporate tablet market.
Portable TV From Vizio
I can think of a lot of reasons to own a small, battery-powered TV, it would be handy to have when natural disasters like hurricanes and ice storms knock out the power or just to be able to watch TV anywhere you happen to be like in bed or on the boat (or in the bed on the boat). Since the digital transition rendered all the old analog-based portable TVs kaput there have been a few manufacturers like Haier who have brought out ATSC (digital tuner) TVs. Vizio just joined the group with a 7-inch WVGA battery-powered TV that lists for $159.99. But we wonder, isn’t a portable TV just a tablet with a tuner not to mention just using one of the USB TV tuners in a netbook or notebook.

My question is: Why isn’t a tuner available for a tablet like an iPad? If there is I’d like to know about it. Even better how about a tablet with a built-in HDTV tuner? Tablet displays can all handle the resolution so what am I missing?

Ivi.tv Offers Cable Alternative but for How Long?
It sounds too good to be true, for $4.95 a month you can stream TV from 25 different channels from the Seattle and New York City markets. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch Eyewitness news from WABC, Channel 7 in New York City? The problem is WABC and just about everyone else associated with the programming is not thrilled about the idea and have been trying hard to get Ivi to “cease and desist. It’s a bold move for Ivi but we’re somewhat skeptical about their chances against some pretty big guns.
Latest Panny
Micro Four Thirds

With no mirror to make the camera bulky and interchangeable lenses we remain big fans of Micro Four Thirds cameras. This latest one from Panasonic, the Lumix GH2 even supports a 3D lens. It has some impressive specs like 3-inch touchscreen display, tap-to-focus, 1080p video, 14 megapixels and 5 fps burst mode. Only problem it’s going to cost as much as a decent DSLR at around $900 but then again it’s much more “pocketable” than a DSLR.
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