7 Things You Can Do on a Windows Phone 7
That You Can’t Do on an iPhone
With this week’s North American debut of the Windows Phone 7 we decided to dive into the Microsoft vs Apple fray and see how Windows Phone 7 is going to stack up with iOS 4 (Full disclosure: Retrevo was selected by Microsoft to be a BizSpark One partner). Since its 2007 release the iPhone has dominated the smartphone market – recently its supremacy has been challenged by the Android OS, and now Microsoft is going to do its best to snatch some of that market-share as well. To have any hope of doing so however, Microsoft has to be able to offer something new or innovative to consumers. In that vein, here are a few things WP7 does that the iPhone does not.
#1 - No More Leaving
Your Avatar at Home

XBOX Live:
Is this really important enough to be #1, you ask. Well, it’s my list and this alone might be enough to tear me away from my beloved BlackBerry. Productivity levels may plummet, but happiness levels will soar.

Microsoft already has a huge customer base they could potentially tap into if they execute this right, and so far reviews agree that the gaming experience has been exquisitely integrated into this phone. Travel between console and phone is seamless - you can pick up games where you left off on either device; message friends, view invites, leader-boards, and achievements. Even more impressive, the gaming experience is tight and responsive, the graphics crisp. Then there is your Avatar, who appears on your phone fully rendered with customization, and who cleverly interacts with the rest of your phone through normally staid apps, like flashlight and ruler. There are about sixty game titles that the phone will be launching with, including many familiar names - Halo, Guitar Hero, Crackdown, Star Wars, Sims 3, Need for Speed, to name a few.

#2 – Never Misspell ‘Onomatopoeia’ Again

MS Office: The other major delineation is WP7’s full Office integration. OneNote, email, calendar, PowerPoint, Excel and Word are all available in the Office Hub. You can pull files from either your phone or the cloud, view an outline of the document for easy navigation, perform basic edits to all file types, and save them. The email (Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) and calendar applications communicate with each other automatically to schedule, and identify conflicts. One of the more surprising aspects missing from the phone is copy/paste. While Microsoft says it will be coming in an early 2011 update, it is going to hugely impact Office productivity in the meantime.

#3 – Feeding your Insatiable
Facebook Appetite

Hubs: There are 6 Hubs on the WP7 – People, Pictures, Games, Music+Video, Marketplace, and Office. There was a debate as to whether this should make the list – after all there’s nothing here that the iPhone doesn’t also do. How the phone organizes this information on the other hand, is quite different. Take the People Hub as an example: it is both a contact list and a social networking tool in one. Rather than simply seeing your friend’s phone numbers or email addresses, People aggregates their information from separate sources and keeps a constant stream of information. So you no longer have to launch separate social networking apps to see your friends latest status updates or to update your own information. The organization of these Hubs makes me feel a teeny bit better about the phone’s egregious lack of multi-tasking capabilities, not that it isn’t still an unforgivable lapse on the part of Microsoft, especially in light of the recent release of iOS 4.

#4 – For Those of You Who Want to See the Other 50% of Web Video Content

Flash: There’s not a lot to editorialize on this one: the WP7 will fully support Flash 10.1, iPhone does not.

#5 – Making You Even More
Ridiculously Efficient

Information Stream: Not only do you have the ability to “pin” whatever you like to your home-screen, but the applications there will continuously update. Example: the unlock screen has calendar and event data on it, making it easy to see what is coming up in your day without having to launch an application. Similarly, if you have favorite people pinned to the home-screen, you can see all their latest social networking updates.
#6 – What’s a Nice
QWERTY Like You Doing in a
Place Like This?

Real Keyboards: While this feature certainly isn’t overwhelming, it is maybe more significant than people realize. Personally, I could not function without a physical QWERTY keyboard, and if WP7 didn’t have one I would never even consider it (despite my adolescent yearning for the Xbox Live App). I guarantee I’m not alone in this. Because Microsoft doesn’t control hardware design the way Apple does, there are quite a few different phone models that will be running Win 7, several with both on-screen and physical keyboards.

#7 - Wait, what?
I Can Make Phone Calls too!?

Multiple Carriers: Yes, it’s at the bottom of the list, but don’t let that fool you. WP7 does not have an exclusive contract with AT&T. ‘Nuff said.

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Phone is indeed now

Phone is indeed now important. 7 days after the heralded launch of Microsoft's smartphone, no one really knows about Windows Phone 7 revenue. I found this here: Lack of Windows Phone 7 sales news a signal the device is a dud Product sales numbers for smartphones are a standard PR opportunity that Microsoft has passed on. Most gadget-makers flood the web with press releases announcing enthusiastic consumer demand. With no official data about Windows Phone 7 sales circulation, industry experts are deciding the new Microsoft smartphone is a flop.

Windows smartphones have an uphill battle

Given the poor phone integration windows CE and 2002 had, Microsoft has a HUGE credibility cliff to scale before they'll be taken seriously. I recently upgraded from a pocket pc (HP Ipaq) to an apple iTouch (a cousin's discarded iphone3g...mildly broken as a phone, but the pda functions are intact) as my primary pda and find it to be a remarkably durable and stable. Decent software availablilty, decent speed, good screen for reading ebooks and, of course, reasonable sound quality for mp3's. Turning off the transmitters (I don't use it as a phone) yields me a couple days worth of power for reading and getting my schedule alerts. Only thing I really miss is the handwriting recognition.

I won't upgrade to a smartphone till bandwidth has been fully commoditized and reduced to a manageable price, but, when I do, apple's OS is a front runner for my money....of course, an ipod4 plus a mifi device would give me this now if one of the (3rd party) messengers would just come across with push notifications on incoming phone calls....and I'm tempted.

Windows 7 phone

Wow some people take this far too personaly. I have used a Blackberry and an iPhone and have to say I like my iPhone more. This is mostly a personal preference, but I have a really hard time with the on screen keyboard in the Blackberry, it just doesn't work for me. The full qwerty clickable keyboard is better, but the buttons are just too small.
In reality no one surfs the internet on their phone, the screen is too small. I do use the internet on my iPhone to look things up when not in the office, I can view and edit office files on my iPhone, but frankly editing is just not worth the eye strain on anything less than a netbook/iPad etc. Flash would be nice perhaps one day ?, there are plenty of apps that integrate all the social networking sites into one app if you really want it. In short I was looking forward to the Windows phone, but at this point I just don't see enough new/different features to consider changing. Perhaps we could stick to the facts and skip the name calling. I use a pc at home and at work. I have a pc laptop, I would like to try a Mac book, but they are expensive and I would end up having to use a pc emulator to run my pc applications. Microsoft still dominates the business world, which is some times a good thing, and some times a bad thing. I have to give Mac/Apple credit, my iPhone has never crashed (my Blackberry did several times), the iPhone is very intuitive to use, and has a nicer interface. I have heard that the Blackberry is a more serious phone for business users, I use my iPhone for business and do not miss the Blackberry. It would be nice if Apple could come up with a messenger app like the Blackberry, better yet if some one could come up with an app that allowed the Blackberry messenger and iPhone to communicate together.

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Reasons #2, 4, 6 are huge the rest are stupid

Although the description of #2 references spellcheck, the MS office integration is huge. I don't use outlook but the missing piece of productivity functionality with my Blackberry is better office doc support.

#4 - Flash. Look, I hate Flash. But not having it supported easily is a huge impact.

#6 - Many many many users (more corporate email types) will have a hard time without a solid reliable physical qwerty keyboard. Many of us put up with terrible phones and an incomprehensible UI from RIM for years simply because of the winning combo of push email and a great keyboard.

Admittedly these choices are personal and it really depends on whose market share you assume they are after. I don't think the windows phones will be that appealing to iPhone users, but their opportunity lies with BB, Android, gaming and social media obsessed idiots, and people who don't even have a full featured smartphone yet.


Why do Mac people want to feel superior by paying far too much for a preety box.
The iPhone battery life is pathetic and has to be recharged every day plus ask any business user what other phone he has. He will have one because the iPhone is a toy. (It's probably a Blackberry)
And iPhone roaming charges make them unuseable outside their home area.

iPhone roaming charges

What roaming charges? I have been using an iPhone for several years now (currently a 3gs - updating to a 4 in March). Never have had a roaming charge.

Amazing priorities

The Number one reason was to do what??? Put a cartoon character from the ridiculous XBOX360 on the Windows 7 phone??? A cartoon character that looks like the user??? I'd expect my 10 year old to want to do that - not a professional. So should we assume that not only are your ringtones played till the very last minute so everyone around them can hear them, you also show off your cartoon character Avatar and blast this is the best reason to have a Windows 7 phone? And we can't forget your number 3 - Facebook - the America Online of the 21st century... Wow, what a phone. 'Nuff said. Go back to writing Duck...Duck...Goose.

Take that stick out of your ass and then talk...

So what if he likes avatars? He clearly said it's one of HIS motives to using a WP7. As if the iPhone isn't a kid's toy.
I feel sorry for a 10 year old kid who has to live with someone who only sees black and white. Get a personality and don't be anal about things that aren't worth the attention... Unless of course you have nothing else worth your attention. 'Nuff said. Go back to your cave.

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How'd you spell it

My reason for writing was that the author, Sarah, thought the most important feature was an avatar. How about making a call or other useful information. Being an author on such a site is looked as being objective. I was being objective - not offensive - to the author's #1 reason.

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Only 2 of the 7

The only two of the seven would be Flash and Carriers for me.

7 Things You Can Do on a Windows Phone 7. Really?

Just for starters I am a big fan of MS and use Windows since 3.1 and up along with Linux but if we talk about phones, the iPhone it is.
Every platform has it pluses and minuses, you choose that fits you on the daily tasks.
Did anyone ever consider that the virtual iPhone keyboard beats all clickable keyboards just because you can switch the language? Can I change the Win 7 phone keyboard to Cyrillic or Asian? Don't think so...
I communicate in 3 different languages and often have to change the layout and alphabet on the fly. Can I do it with Win 7 phone? Never...
So maybe Win7 phone will suite most English speaking gamers living virtual life, but I do not think it will ever win "melting pot".
As for the MS Office, I think the iPhone 4 provides a very good support to integrate Outlook calendar, contacts and emails. The Excel and Docs are also readable but I would not ever think to edit the documents on the phone even if such option will ever exist (unless I am Oompa-Loompa).


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So what?

Funny, I'm an iPhone user and I don't care about any of these seven things. I don't have an XBox, I'm not on Facebook, I don't use Office, I don't care about Flash, and I like the iPhone keyboard.

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You took the words right out

You took the words right out of my mouth!

7 things Windows Phone 7 can do ...

My Palm Pre Plus can do six of the seven; but better than either one of these, it can do them at the same time!

HAHA - you're REALLY stretching....

You can't find ANYTHING better than that crap?

No: Flash is valid - OH WAIT - NO it's not - it's antiquated and Apply leads the way again... Welcome to html5!!!!

Brother - Once again: PROOF that Apple Rules!

Nothing, but nothing sucks like EVERYTHING that has to do with Windows!!!!!

GIVE IT UP - you can't come close to winning this argument!

iPhones forever!

Apple is the worst thing history has ever seen

Ok, I probably will not buy this windows phone, because I wouldn't really use it, and pretty much don't care for anything in it.
But seriously, the iPhone is THE WORST invention ever. It is a device made to make people stupider and lazier, not to "make their lives easier". There isn't 1 thing the iPhone can do that is useul... It is MUCH useless as a mobile device for internet serfing than any netbook, and VERY overpriced. If you are dumb enough and lack a life, you would want to see a video on a screen smaller than your asshole. There is now way that anyone with an iPhone doesn't have a computer at home, so the iPhone is useless there.. It's games are all mind-numbing rather than intellectual, it's social apps are simply a distraction from real life (30 minuntes on your computer saves you hours of surfing or messaging on an iPhone).
Apple never made anything of use to humanity and they never will. Microsoft on the other hand OWNS the computer world which is essential because it actually DOES REAL THINGS IN A REALISTIC WAY. Their is no reason for Apple to co-exist with it's Macs, since the world is VERY comfortable with Microsoft's default systems.
This principal also denounces Microsoft's X-Box since the gaming should belong to Sony's Playstation. Competetion only harms the gaming world.
Stop being a system slave and get a life of your own. Fucking troll... XD

Apple is the worst....

Wow. Seriously? Have you had a look at Windows 7 yet? I have to run it on my mac in order to use specific software - runs a lot like a mac - could that be one reason it is so popular. There is room for both in this world -- get a grip man!

Jeesh, relax Mr. Gates!

Jeesh, relax Mr. Gates!

Nobody except Apple users

Nobody except Apple users actually use HTML5. It has also been proven in benchmark tests that HTML 5 is significantly slower, and has lesser quality of video then Flash.

And if you want to talk about antiquated, look at Java.

Finally, I'm typing this on a PC that has NEVER crashed once.

My only advice is to save

My only advice is to save these posts so some day you can look back on them, be embarrassed, shake your head, and laugh at how slavishly ridiculously devoted to a giant corporation you were. No company deserves this kind of idiotic cheerleading. Sorry, but they arent paying your food bill bud.


Things WinPhone 7 can do that iPhone can't?

Glad you mentioned your beloved BlackBerry, because my BB Torch does all of the above that WinPhone 7 does, HAS true multitasking, is SOLIDLY BUILT, rock-solid operating system (Oh Android- what's the falke of the day), .....
Oh, and BlackBerries have dominated the smartphone world for much much longer, and still sell better than Apple.
Yup. BlackBerries look boring.
Another reason I like them.

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7 Things You Can Do on a Windows Phone 7 That You Can’t Do on an

What a waste of internet space. The iphone has all of these capabilities apart from the xbox app. it's obvious that the gaming experience will be crap or will everyone be selling their xbox? The basic editing for the office suite means you can add or delete text and thats it. I cant wait for your next list, 1000 things you can do on the iphone that you can't do on a Windows phone 7.

i love the way Windows Phone 7 rolls of the tongue. Roll on Window Phone vistaxp7anothernewoperatingsystemupdate

And yes, please sort out your CAPTCHA

You're kidding, right

This has to be among the most ridiculous tech articles I have read in a long time. I hit the headline because I'm interested to see what's going on with these new devices and how the operating system is different.

So, the first thing on the important list of how win7 is better than iphone is an AVATAR? Seriously? Then the rest fall into line...wow, we're not all wearing star wars shirts out here. What a credibility changer for Retrovo. I'm checking Retrovo off as Spam in my gmail.

Completely agree ...!!

Completely agree ...!!

Your're kidding, right



He made a personal comment... Get over it! WOW!

Windows phone better than iPhone---NOPE

Access to flash content---full marks--wish my iPhone could (although I don't find myself surfing the web with my phone). Get in-get out. imdb when I can't think of the actor in a movie or looking up a phone number not in my DB. That's about it.

I have NO appetite for facebook ('cause I have a life) and I don't need my xbox avatar (um, 'cause I have a life).

If you can learn to use your thumbs, you can more than manage some speed and accuracy keying the iPhone---and the spell correction is excellent for the times I miskey. I don't need or want the clickable qwerty.

Let's face it, like in all laptop and desktop designs, Windows is always playing catch-up to the elegance of the Mac. PC folks know it and we Mac-users know it. If the iPhone was not better, there would be no need to have an article like this (again) trying to catch up.

I laughed when they were talking about the Palm Pre having (ahem) 45 apps available. What is Apple at? about 80,000?ow many apps are there for this phone? No copy and paste. Sounds like the first generation iPhone. Ooops!

Check the earnings...Apple now out earns Microsoft. There is a reason. People are now willing to pay a few more bucks for something great instead of a few less for something mediocre or downright awful.

'nuff said.

Very disingenuous to claim

Very disingenuous to claim MSFT is "always playing catch up". You self-identify as a "Mac guy" so of course that is your view. Strange that you self-identify that way yet proudly tout having a "life". To me, anyone willing to raise their hand as a fanboy is pretty much in the same boat as the folks who are excited about an XBox avatar.

Apple did a great job in the smartphone, and now tablet, space. They also do a great job in content delivery. These are three enormous growth areas. Thats why they are now so big. The Mac still is not a significant presence in traditionally computing, and MSFT and Apple have gone back and forth "copying" (for folks who CANNOT see things outside of this ridiculous lens of "copying") each other since 1991 or so. Hugely boring "fans" of both platforms are blind to it... Folks who are neutral, and tech pros, see it clearly.

Apple does a fantastic job at consumerizing technology. They werent the first smartphone, nor the first GUI, and "best" is a subjective argument for idiots to engage in.

The fact is every tech company both "innovates" *and* "copies". Claiming this isnt the case just demonstrates ones own ignorance.

As for the article, it seemed like a lighthearted bit of harmless fun. There are a million articles far worse on the iPhone or Android and no one seems to mind.

AMEN to that fellow

AMEN to that fellow anonymous...just add "Techno Twaddle" to the other two biggies (aka Religion and Politics) if you want to spend countless hours blowing hot air up someone else's skirt, with the end result being...yawn!!!


this article is crap. i don't know that i caught anything that it does that the iphone does not do that is of note besides integration with the xbox. sorry, just calling it like i see it.

and the captcha thing at the bottom sucks...case sensitive?

I've found that Apple users

I've found that Apple users are hard core and refuse to be swayed from their beliefs about Apple being the best. I'm guessing this article is all about making a stretching stab at Apple users. I can respect that since I do it all the time to my ten year old son when comparing his iPod to my Droid X.