Black Friday Deal Analysis
It looks like we’ll break the $200 price point for a 32-inch HDTV although it may not have all the latest features. Some good deals on HDTVs have already come and gone online and ones like the 50-inch Panasonic VIERA for $574 with free shipping from Sixth Avenue Electronics is probably as good or better than anything you're going to find in the store.
32-Inch HDTV for $198 at
Walmart (early bird)
*Retrevo Recommends

Walmart is listing a 32-inch Emerson HDTV for $198. At one point Emerson was a major U.S. TV manufacturer but we’re sure this one is not made in the USA. This Emerson TV (LC32OEM1) only does 720p which shouldn’t be a problem in a TV this size. The ad says 1 HDMI port but the specs say 3, we’re not sure which is correct but for a bedroom TV even 1 HDMI port should be enough. Amazon has a TCL (not exactly a household name in TVs) 32-inch TV for $279 that could possibly show up for under $200 on Black Friday which could make this one with its 2 year warranty an attractive deal.

42-Inch HDTV for Under $400
Walmart is also offering an Emerson 42-inch HDTV for $398. At this size the 720p limitation starts to become an issue.
Smaller but higher resolution Westinghouse 40-inch 1080p HDTV for $298 at Target
*Retrevo Recommends

Target is also selling a 46-Inch 1080p APEX HDTV for $449 and a 37-inch Vizio 1080p TV for $399 (Walmart has the Vizio it for $378 plus a $40 gift card).

If brand is important you can get a 46-inch Sony at Best Buy for $698 on Black Friday

Great Deals on Big Plasmas
Plasmas had been losing ground to LCD TVs but are making a comeback as 3DTVs however there are some attractive deals on some older Plasma HDTVs like a 50-inch Sanyo Plasma (DP50740) for $498 at Walmart.
Best Buy will be selling a Panasonic VIERA 50-inch 1080p Plasma for $699 (early bird) *Retrevo Recommends
Big Plasma HDTVs may offer some of the best deals but we are already seeing early sales of LG 55-inch LCD TVs on Amazon including a 240Hz model, a Blu-ray bundle, and a 3DTV (glasses sold separately).
3DTV Deals?
We don’t expect to see many deals on 3DTVs on Black Friday but if sales are as slow as we hear they might be, we could see some deals appear over the holidays. We have seen deals on Samsung 3DTVs that include a starter kit with two sets of glasses and 3D Blu-ray player.

Netbooks sort of lost their luster when the iPad showed up on the scene but we still feel there is a place for a very portable notebook computer with a long battery life. We’ve seen some good deals on 10-inch netbooks for under $200 like the 10.1-inch Acer netbook at the Shack for $179. Unfortunately it comes with an older version of Windows (XP) but this could also be the netbook that dual boots into Android which could be interesting. Walmart is selling this same netbook in different colors for the same price.
Walmart Has Two Great
Laptop Deals

*Retrevo Recommends

The eMachines 15.6" Laptop with 2GB Memory, 250GB HDD, 2.2GHz is running an older Celeron processor but it has Windows 7 Home Premium and for $198, you could probably live with an old Celeron. Same goes for the HP 15.6" G56-129WM with 3GB Memory, 250GB HDD, 2.2 GHz Celeron and Windows 7 Home Premium for $298.
$499 Gets You Core i3
at Staples

If you don’t want to go with the dirt cheap Celeron laptops you can get an HP laptop with some pretty good specs including 4GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive, and big 17.3-inch display.

Digital Cameras
A state-of-the-art point and shoot camera can still take better pictures than most smartphones and may be worthwhile to carry around in your pocket or pocketbook.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZR3
for $179 on Amazon

This 14.1MP camera normally sells for close to $300. It has an 8x zoom and vey wide 5mm lens. It’s about a year old, gets good reviews and you can buy it right now on Amazon for $179. Amazon also has the Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS for a very low price of $109. We’ve seen this camera offered on other Black Friday ads for more money. This is a very compact and all-around quality camera.

Canon PowerShots at
Office Depot

We’ve seen similar Black Friday Deals from other merchants but Office Depot has a couple of attractive deals on PowerShots including the SD1400 for $149 and the SX130 with a 12x zoom for $179.
The Cheapest Point and Shoot Cameras We’ve Seen
Walmart has the EasyShare C183 14MO camera on sale for $59 but if you want to charge the battery and store photos you may have to purchase the “optional” charger kit and memory card.

The Shack will sell you a 12MP Casio camera for $79 and throw in a $10 gift card which is a pretty good deal. On the other hand, we’ve seen lots of deals on Vivitar cameras like the 10.1MP Vivicam X029 for $49 at OfficeMax. Needless to say, these cameras get “mixed” reviews from users but might work as someone’s first digital camera.

Blu-ray Players
We’ve already seen some basic Blu-ray players for under $70 come and go and expect to see lots of good deals on players that could even include Wi-Fi which we think is the way to go.
Walmart selling the LG BD550 Blu-ray player for $94 it has Internet connectivity but you have to pay extra for Wi-Fi. As you know Walmart acquired Vudu, the only streaming service to offer 1080p streams. This player comes with a Vudu credit.
Target is offering a Sony BDP-S370 wireless-ready Blu-ray Player for $99 which means you have to buy an adaptor to make Wi-Fi work. If you can find the BDP-S570 on sale we say go for that one instead – it comes with Wi-Fi built-in.
$69 Magnavox Blu-ray Player

Very Tempting But…
It looks too good to pass up a Blu-ray player with built-in Wi-Fi for streaming and even a $10 Vudu credit. Vudu apps also provide access to other online content like Pandora and Facebook. The only problem is we’ve read that the range on the Wi-Fi can, in some cases, be as short as 10 feet which may not be able to connect it to your router in the back room.

GPS devices are starting to become less popular as smartphones get better at providing turn-by-turn navigation but most users will agree a dedicated GPS still does the job better than a smartphone. The trick is get one with a lifetime subscription to map updates and traffic info.


Target has the TomTom XL335T for $79 and the Garmin nuvi 1450LMT for $159.

Radio Shack

*Retrevo Recommends

Radio Shack has a 5” TomTom with lifetime traffic for $99 and the Garmon nuvi 1450T (T for traffic) for $149. There’s some question whether the “T” version includes map updates or you have to get the “LMT” version (above)

Retrevo Has Some Great Black Friday Deals Too
In case you want to stay home this Black Friday and go online for a sure thing, Retrevo has negotiated some great deals on popular gadgets that you can buy right now.
Garmin GPS With Bluetooth
Radio Shack has a great deal on a big 5-inch Garmin 1450T which includes lifetime traffic info for $149 but Retrevo has the next model up (1490T) which includes Bluetooth for use as a hands free speaker phone with your Bluetooth phone for $20 more ($169). For a good deal on a highly rated slightly older Garmin GPS, Retrevo is offering the nuvi 205W with a big 4.3” screen for only $79 with free shipping.
Inexpensive iPhone
Stocking Stuffer

For six bucks you can give the gift of power to any iPhone owner with this 1200mAh power pack which can net you more than 3 extra hours of talk time. This pocket-sized device could come in handy some day.
iPhone Charging Kit
for World Travelers

Here’s another great stocking stuffing at a bargain price. You get a complete universal charging kit for iPhones or iPods for $9.99 including free shipping.
4GB of Memory for Your Camera for $7.99
You can store a lot of photos on a 4GB memory card and videos too. Take an extra memory card with you on your next trip so you don’t run out of room on your camera.

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