Five of the Coolest New Windows
Phone 7 Smartphones
This week Windows Phone 7 makes its debut. Although, as some have mentioned it’s neither a mobile version of Windows nor the 7th version o anything but it’s still pretty cool. Whether it has a chance against iPhone and Android phones which have almost four hundred thousand apps combined, Win Phone 7 does have some attractive features going for it like integration with Microsoft Office and Xbox games. Here are few of the cooler Win Phone 7 smartphones we’ve come across:
HTC 7 Surround Is a Mobile Home Theater
This smartphone has a big 3.8 inch display and fast Snapdragon processor. Slide the display down and you expose stereo speakers that provide simulated SRS surround sound using Dolby Mobile technology.
HTC HD7 Looks Like the Very Popular Sprint EVO 4G
This Win Phone 7 smartphone has the big 4.3-inch display and kickstand just like the Sprint EVO 4G. It comes with a generous 16 GB of internal storage and should be a fun phone to use for media watching or game playing. It’s going to be available from T-Mobile for a price to be announced.
Dell Venue Pro Has a Real Keyboard
The keyboard slides out from the bottom of the phone similar to the Palm Pre but this Win Phone 7 smartphone from Dell boasts a 4.1-inch AMOLED display and 1GHz Snapdragon processor. It will initially be available from T-Mobile for a price to be announced.
HTC 7 Pro Is a Big Slider
The HTC 7 Pro has a 3.6-inch and all the latest smartphone features along with a big five-row, slideout QWERTY keyboard.
Samsung Omnia 7 May Has a Very Nice Display
While not having the very largest display of the bunch, the Omnia's high resolution, 4-inch AMOLED display gets a glowing report from anyone who has seen it. This sleek new Windows Phone 7 smartphone is also getting high marks for an impressive feature set, good performance, and design.
What’s So Great About Windows Phone 7?
For starters it has some very interesting integration woth the Xbox 360 but if you want to see a list of what it can do that the iPhone can’t check out this article.
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