CES 2011 First Impressions
The day before CES opens to the public is “Press Day.” Members of the press lined up in huge long lines for an opportunity to attend a press conference for one of the major CE vendors like Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Casio, Sony and others. My first impression was of how many members of the press there are here. My guess is that bloggers and gadget web sites are well represented having swelled the ranks. I guess it means more coverage of show which is a good thing.

At the Casio press conference (no watch give-aways like previous years). They showed their new offering which was a process (I think it’s built into the camera) and community site which creates what they characterize as “art” out of photos. Frankly the pictures reminded me of paint-by-number paintings but it’s a novel idea. They also showed off a new camera called the Tryx which folds and rotates and is quite a clever design but unfortunately it doesn’t contain a smartphone which would really make it cool.

At Samsung and Sony press conferences both companies re-affirmed their commitments to 3D and connectivity with new 3D sets in more sizes. Samsung bragged about shrinking the bezel on some of their new TVs to about as wide as pencil. Sony held their press conference in the convention hall. It looks like their booth is much bigger this year as they pull out all the stops to compete with Samsung.

Pepcom’s Digital Experience, press-only event rounded out the day. Two big attractions at the event (no surprise) were the new Blackberry tablet which felt solid and looked good too and the new Motorola tablet which is the first one to show Honeycomb (Android 3.0).

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