Small, Medium and Large Devices From HP/Palm
Palm revealed some brand new WebOS products and news on February 9th. WebOS was been highly praised since it’s unveiling at CES 2009 since then the new WebOS phones, the Pre and the Pixi have been unable to make substantial inroads into the smartphone market dominated by Apple and Android. The event on Wednesday was full of gushing references to Palm and its new smartphones and tablets but it remains to be seen if developers will flock to them and provide the apps necessary to make them serious contenders. Here are some videos from the event highlighting the announcements.
Honey I Shrunk the Smartphone
In a world where smartphones are growing in screen size every year, Palm decided to shrink the smartphone down to the size of something that fits comfortably in the palm (haha) of your hand.

You Can "Pre"-Order
These Soon

The latest version of the Pre called the Pre 3, has some nice improvements including a larger keyboard, higher resolution display, cameras, 802.11n, and a 1.4 GHz Snapdragon processor.

Please Do Touch the Pad
The large device was represented by a new tablet called the TouchPad. At the event they had plenty of Palm people demonstrating them but there was no hands-on time allowed. WebOS looks pretty cool on a tablet and if this is priced right it could be a contender in the tablet market. Speaking of price we just read that the TouchPad might be available in June for $699 which makes it a little on the pricey side.

WebOS Everywhere
The fourth announcement was about plans to run WebOS on HP devices including laptops desktops and printers. If you buy into the WebOS family you could end up with a fun and productive computing and entertainment environment.

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