Which is The Stronger Tablet OS:
iOS 4.3 or Honeycomb?

With the latest iOS update having been released last week, the announcement of the iPad 2, and the long awaited arrival of the Motorola Xoom running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), we thought it would be a good time to take a look at the rival operating systems
Apple Starts Off Strong in Media
with AirPlay and iTunes (Advantage Apple)

Several changes that came with iOS 4.3 that are worth mentioning are the upgrades to AirPlay and iTunes. Apple integration between all the various iDevices is one of their greatest strengths. You can now stream real-time video as well as photos and audio directly to any AirPlay enable devices, such as the Apple TV. There are some limitations to AirPlay, since web-based content can only be streamed if it’s authorized by the website developers. You can also now enable iTunes Home Sharing, which lets you stream iTunes content across a Wi-Fi network.

This is one area where Google continues to trail behind Apple. There will be a music streaming service offered through Honeycomb devices, where you can store your music in the cloud, but no word yet on a music store.

Google Pulls Even in Multitasking
(Advantage Google)

This is one area where Honeycomb has a significant advantage. It has “true” multitasking, as opposed to the more limited capabilities of iOS. The other difference is in the way the user moves between active apps in the UI. For example, on the Xoom there is a menu icon that will bring up all active apps and show a preview window of what they’re doing. On the iPad 2 a double click on the home button will list the active apps for you to switch between.
Google takes the lead in Browsing Capabilities (Advantage Google)
Another well noted upgrade in 4.3 is the Nitro Javascript, which has apparently boosted browser and web application function by 50%. This will be welcomed by iPad users, who have long been aware of Safari’s mediocre performance.

Honeycomb’s browser is reportedly still a bit buggy – though not really in very noticeable ways to the average user. It has also borrowed from its Chrome heritage and now includes tabbed browsing - a big bonus over the iPad’s Safari.

And, as always, Honeycomb has full support for Flash and HTML 5 while iOS 4.3 does not support Flash.

Apple Rallies with Apps
(Advantage Apple)

This category isn’t really much of a contest. There are over 65,000 apps available for the iPad and just over 100 available for Honeycomb. Because Honeycomb is an OS that was specifically designed to be optimized for tablet usage, most apps in the Android Market won’t work on it yet. The numbers are growing rapidly, and there’s a lot of potential for some spectacular applications given the tools that Google has given developers in the OS, but it will take some time for them to be able to compete in with Apple.
Google for the Win with UI (Advantage Google)
As one would expect, Honeycomb has five fully customizable home screens that can be filled up with widgets and apps. In fact, its use of widgets is one of its best features, allowing the user a quick view of any new updates without having to launch a full application. The Renderscript 3D graphics engine is gorgeous, seamless and offers some great new tools to developers. That being said, iOS is intuitive and straightforward, with little differences across platforms. A natural consequence of the ability to customize is that you can feel Android’s geeky roots and it can make the UI less user-friendly than iOS. The 4.3 update also introduced multi-touch gestures, bringing it up to speed with Honeycomb.

Really, the interface is a matter of personal preference. Some will feel stifled by the ridged parameters of iOS and others will feel lost in Honeycomb. Overall however, Google is really bringing their A-game to the table, while the iPad 2 feels more like an upgrade rather than a full-fledged second generation product.

Bottom Line
We think Honeycomb may be stronger tablet OS than iOS 4.3 but we hear rumors of iOS 5 that will hopefully address issues like multitasking control, notification and other common UI complaints. On the other hand Android developers need to optimize their apps for Honeycomb as soon as possible. This should be a good year for consumers looking to buy a tablet computer.

Use Retrevo for Tablet Info (Advantage Retrevo)
Whether you’re deciding between an iPad 2 or a Galaxy Tab don’t forget to check out Retrevo where you’ll find reviews and manuals for all popular gear and gadgets including cameras, HDTV, laptops and more.

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come on how many people use

come on how many people use 65.000 apps and honycomb 100 be for real

most apps in the Android Market won’t work on it yet?

"most apps in the Android Market won’t work on it yet"

That is a completely false statement. The vast majority (probably 98%) will work on Honeycomb just fine.



Honeycomb apps

Can it please finally become common knowledge that almost all standard android apps run perfectly on Honeycomb? Not all, but I really believe it to be most.

On my Xoom I have (yes I'm going to list them all):
Stupid Zombies, Official Masters App (golf), AK Notepad, Astro File Manager, Air Control, AirAttack HD, Alchemy, Angry Birds (original, seasons and Rio), barcode scanner, Bubble Ball, Espn ScoreCenter, FourSquare, Gun Bros, Bameboid, Golf Channel Mobile, HD Wallpapers, Kindle, LED Flashlight, Live Holdem Poker Pro, Yahoo Live Scores, Mahjong, Mangler (Ventirlo), MiniSquadron, NVidia TegraZone, Pandora, PewPew, PhoneFlicks, Pocket Legends, Pulse News, Quickoffice Pro HD, Robo Defense, Rocket Bunnies, Smartbench, Solitaire Free Pack, Speedtest.net, tank Hero, The Elements, The weather channel, Thumb Keyboard, Thunderstorm live wallpaper, Tower raiders 2, Vendetta Online, Wallpaper slideshow, aTilt 3D labyrinth, Poke Pal, Farm Frenzy, Doodle Jump, Fruit Ninja, Dungeon Defenders, Cordy, Flight Control, Backbreaker HD, beautiful widgets, Airport Mania, SwiftKey, and WolframAlpha.

Are you telling me I have more than 50% of the apps that will work on Honeycomb? Well I can tell you your wrong. Most of those apps are considered "not optimized for Honeycomb", but all of them run perfectly and look great. I can gaurantee that the 65k apps for the ipad are "not optimized for ipad" by the definition used on google apps, but simply run perfectly and look great. "Optimized for Honeycomb" usually means that the app will not work well on an android phone, apps like Pulse News reader, Newsr, gmail, and youtube for Honeycomb are "optimized for Honeycomb" and would not work correctly on a standard android phone.

I'm not saying that there are not more apps on the IPad, because there are. But the split is no where near 65k to 100. That's just insulting.

Flash vs iPad

You won't see anyone playing Farmville on an iPad anytime soon and half the people on facebook are there for the games (or logon daily for the games and the social stuff is incidental).

Apple has a cool factor but people want a device they can use, they aren't interested in a debate about why Flash sucks - they don't care 96% of the web is using it right now and that's not changing for a while.

I will be going honeycomb - and i have an iPhone now it's unlikely I will get an iPad and will never get another iPhone.


I don't trust Google

Google is going too far, too fast, too intrusively. Not only that but Google seems to share Obama's "vision" via their having contributed a large amount to his campaign and none to McCain. Apple is private enterprise and not interested in prying into your life. (Unlike Google and Obama.)

I use Google for searching - sometimes - and Google Earth, but as for putting my email or my machine's operating system in their hands, I do not trust them. Apple is the only sane choice.


Hey Bud, re-direct your comments to the software/hardware in question. This not a political forum; for that purpose start a Blog like the many who need their own soapbox...


"Apple is private enterprise

"Apple is private enterprise and not interested in prying into your life. (Unlike Google and Obama.)"

Teabaggers are such cretins.

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Apple retrieves your private info

Your an Id**t if you think Apple is not intrusive, the retrieve your private information then resell it like most other companies do, regardless of party affiliation. You really are insane.

yes! Obama wants to control

yes! Obama wants to control your tablet!!! what a complete idiot and tool.

conspiracy theory #1000

google and obama are in league with the illuminati to bring about the new world order!! HAHAHAHA.... you're a nut.... yeah, I don't trust Google either, they might unravel the strangle hold that microsoft has had on the majority of computer users and provide competition in the tablet computer market.... ooooooooo, watch out, they must be part of the evil empire. darn, if we only had mccain to straighten the world out... we all know how much better it would have been, because he's proven himself to be a brilliant strategist, has a superior intellect to obama and all the problems bushy boy and his regime created for us would of gone away.... just because! oh and mickey mouse is real, space beings populated earth and the mayan calendar accurately predicts the demise of earth.....

iPad verse Honeycomb

iPad - intuitive system that interfaces with other apple devices with No trouble. All other wantabees nope
Apple never intended on the iPad to be a computer. I thought this was crazy until my wife got me one and I found I could remotle connect with my computer and with 10 hours of real usage I could have books, music, video and movies at my finger tip and still not worry any battery going dead on me. Game Over!

apples device interfacing = a win?

you're assuming that the rest of us all care about those other apple devices we will be interfacing with. I don't have any of them except two ipods. to tell you the truth, I like my HTC Incredible, Android phone a lot better as a music and video player and would be in geek heaven if the battery would last longer, but that will come eventually.
Al in Cal

Apple vs Google

About time we have some real competition for apple.
Apple didn't plan for ipad becoming a full function computer? then good-by apple. tablet (pad) computers have been quietly evolving for quite some time. like it or not, it's the consumer device/interface of the very near future. In this case I find Google to be significantly more forward thinking and on target. I'll be getting an Android based tablet/pad device as soon as the size and functionality fit my wants and needs. Ipad2 and IOS is not interesting enough to me at this point. Go Google! Maybe someday we'll have a superior option to horrendous Windows as well (for me, Apple OS is of little interest).
Al from Cal

Android vs. iPad2

Apple vs. Microsoft OS? No contest.

Umm Microsoft?

Am I missing a point, or do you mean Apple Vs. Google. Android is a Google platform, and considering it's young age, it is already the worlds leading smartphone platform (Q4 2010), which are not a breath away from tablet functionality. With it's openness, if I was a betting man, the one to bet on. You may be right, no contest.


good grief, Google isn't Microsoft

It's jmhfnr who is missing something ... inside his/her skull. Even if Android were a Microsoft OS, that wouldn't be a valid argument.

You must be forgetting that

You must be forgetting that Microsoft still holds 83% of the market when it comes to OS.

But you are right... it's no contest. For Microsoft.

Why are you talking about Microsoft?

Um, are there really people out there who think Google is Microsoft?

Google for the Win?

Just counting your analysis I'd say even or advantage Apple. Capabilities mean nothing if the apps are not there. I understand this analyzes the OS, but the OS is nothing without the hardware. Other than the Xoom what hardware runs on Honeycomb? The minimum cost of the Xoom is how much more than the iPad 2? I don't consider myself a Apple Fan Boy but I do operate a tech business on a limited budget. Currently the only "tablet" I own is a NookColor. I've had an iPhone for a while and like that some of the apps that I have can be used on the iPad. Your article just does not give me reason to go out and get an Andriod tablet. I'm more inclined to get a iPad 1.

Agreed - Apple wins

Not only can the Google OS multitask, it can probably run every available one of the (literally) DOZENS of apps at the same time! Of course the iPad can't run its 17,000 all at once.

Author's math is faulty

Maybe it's just me, but I think Sarah is confused by her own math.

There's two for iOS and two for Honeycomb. The last one, she states is a draw, disses Honeycomb and then still flings the point in that direction. I'd say that's a 2.5 for each, at best.

As Bart said though, you really have to take into consideration the hardware and expense of the products too.

Compatibility is a core component, not one equal to the others. If I can't actually use any tablet with apps or to access my files and music, what good is the thing? A giant hard surface to write on? There has to be substance and ease of use.

Also, if Google is bringing everything full force, there's a reason. They're WAY behind the ball on this. Yeah, the iPad2 isn't the world's largest upgrade, but it's the second generation of a device that started a new way of accessing files, the Internet, and other data. Every other tablet maker has a very long way to go before they can close the gap. And with Apple's branding and the iPad constantly showing up in TV programs, that might just never really happen, at least in the public's eye.

So, like I said, Apple 2.5, Honeycomb 2.5. Or maybe's Apple 3, Honeycomb 2.

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Apple vs Google

Actually, you reading comprehension is at fault here. The article clearly states that while the ipsd2 OS might be more user friendly the Android OS is more powerful. This is why the point is given. Now, you might say that "user friendly" is more useful than "more powerful", and the article refers to Androids geeky roots showing through, but guess what, our kids are way geekier than either of our generations ever were. It's nothing for today's hordes of young "geeks" to search out a jail break or hack options for every device they get their hands on. they want that open platform feeling because they want to personalize EVERYTHING. That's what tagging was all about. And you might be surprised who has joined the ranks of the geeks these days. It's not the math nerds exclusively anymore. I'm a high school teacher so I get a look at the front line everyday. These days the "geeks" include gang bangers, athletes, cheerleaders, kids on the autism spectrum, drug dealers, pot heads and assorted pill poppers, emo types, goths, skaters.... etc. I never hear the words computer geek or nerd anymore.... they're all geeks and all deeply into this new digital world. Google has it right the emerging, fledgling consumer base wiil buy the heck out of their product as will we older "geeks" play around with our software and hardware.
Oh, and the article's closing statement wasn't assigning points to anyone, just stating a summary opinion.
Al from Cal