An Insanely Great Apple iCar
While we were working on our report on future Apple products we started to wonder what an official Apple car might look like. Of course, the car would be simple and fun to operate and incorporate all those benefits and limitations of being part of the Apple family but who knows if something like this could ever get beyond the drawing board. Unfortunately, we’re pretty sure we’ll never see a real iCar but that didn’t stop us from dreaming up a list of features we think we could see in a Steve Job- inspired incredible, amazingly beautiful, revolutionary transportation device.

Drivers Don’t Need
More Than One Button

There will only be one button used to make the car run. The big question will be whether the button is used to make the car go, or make it stop?

A Patent Is Pending
on a New Car UI

Other functions in the car will be controlled by swiping and tapping somewhere on the steering wheel or dashboard. You may have to tap the virtual gas pedal to make the car accelerate or swipe and pinch the windshield to run the iCar apps but however it works, it will be easy, intuitive and fun.

No Access to “Sealed” Battery

Apple will apply its battery expertise to making the car super efficient and environmentally-friendly but the bad news is you won’t have access to the battery. The car will have to be driven to an official Apple service center to have its battery changed.

Full Service Only at
the iGas Store

The iCar will only run official, Apple-branded fuel which will only be available from Apple iGas Stores located in major metropolitan areas. The fuel might be a special blended gasoline or some special branded electricity but whatever it is it will be superior to any other fuel and will cost more too.

Connectors Required

Anything attached to the car like a tow hitch will require a proprietary Apple connector. Of course U-Haul dealers and others will be happy to rent or sell you the adaptor to hook up one of their trailers.

An Assortment of Colors

The car will be available in an assortment of bright “rainbow” colors and a huge industry will spring to supply matching seat covers, floor mats and other color coordinated accessories.

Speaking of Accessories…

We predict a large third party industry for accessories to spring up around the iCar offering custom-made garages, covers, docks and even matching clothing.

iCar Apps Available
at the iCar Store

iCar apps will be sold exclusively through the iCar store and will do things like help you find a parking space or provide precise answers to the kids when they ask, “are we almost there?”
What do You Think?
Now that you’re heard our ideas of what a Apple iCar might look like, what do you think? Did we leave anything out? Should Apple give Tesla a run for its money?

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Apple's iCar will cost a bit more than the cheapest cars by other manufacturers, but not any more expensive than if you added all of the additional cost extras that come built-in to the iCar. For example, when you configure the Dell-car with the extras you want to be similar to the iCar, the Dell-car ends up costing you more.

The iCar doesn't crash as often as the cars made by Dell and other manufacturers, so you won't be spending money and time waiting for a tow truck to come and save you.

The iCar is solidly built with top quality design and materials, unlike other cars that use plastics and cheap, off the shelf components. When you buy an iCar it lasts many years longer than the heaps that end up at the recyclers after a couple of years.

The driving experience of the iCar is a joy to use. Driving other cars is work and a technological headache.

The iCar is armor plated and safe to drive. Other cars come from the factory with rusted holes, like Swiss cheese, that let all sorts of bad problems happen as soon as you take it out on the road.

People who drive iCars have a sense of quality and taste, and choose products based on how productive they are and the best user experience. People who drive other cars are only concerned with getting the lowest price, regardless of quality or usefulness.



First off, an apple car would not have windows so you must have drew it wrong. lol and secondly it would be very hard to enter because it would consider you third party software so you would have to jailbreak it in order to get in and use it if you don't want to be considered the wrong program. come visit me at yearoflinux.com for linux related tutorals news and more!

Forget the car

What apple should be concentrating on developing an iPhone communication system to compete with the inadequate system known as AT&T.

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the ICar concept

Lose the steering wheel. It gives the user too much control. Replace it with the I-path destination controller. The destinations and paths are available at the I-map store. Include the optional folding color coordinated pricey I-Bike to connect the user to destinations not yet available at the I-map store.


Really like the idea of

Really like the idea of iGas. Do you think it will sell for 99 cents a gallon?


More like 99 ¢ per ounce!

accelerator on the steering wheel? :-p

NO, thank you!! Turning a curve while speeding up or slowing down? Quick emergency stops? Stop and go traffic? How about that two-legged jackass of a drunk driver using it? Yes, it's illegal to drive drunk, but they drive drunk anyway. Too many problems with having an accelerator on the steering wheel.

iCar longevity

After 2 years, just throw away your iCar when you just have to buy the new iCar 2, which features bold new improvements such as a diferent shade of white paint and a windshield that leaks. Your old iCar will be shipped to some third-world country where its toxic parts will pollute the landfills of the people who built it.


Glad you poked fun at all the proprietary hassles!

Additional features of the iCar

Additional features of the iCar:
* iCar will also be equipped with CarPlay Collision avoidance system that will work with other iCars only and Apple approved objects found on streets. You are responsible for collisions with other cars or unapproved objects.
* You can get the iCar at a discounted price if you agree to sign a two-year contract to drive daily only on one particular toll road. Your iCar will be locked to this road. You will need to jailbreak and unlock it to drive on other roads.
* iCar may occasionally fail on the road while driving if you do not hold the steering properly. You may also run out of gas although the fuel indicator shows plenty of fuel available because of a unique formula used to calculate available fuel.
* Genius will blend with the built-in GPS and provide recommendations on nearby points of interest. Ping will provide location of friends' iCars in the neighborhood.


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Great way to take all the BS

Great way to take all the BS that Apple forces on us with their products and apply it to something larger and make people really see how ridiculous it is! I'm an iPhone user, but not for long. I've had enough.