Does Sony Have a Chance for King of the Tablet Hill?
In the group of tablet vendors, there doesn’t appear to be a contender capable of knocking Apple off the hill. Samsung tried with the Galaxy Tab. Motorola’s Xoom appears to be going nowhere fast and the BlackBerry seems to have shot itself in the foot when it released the Playbook minus the critical “bridge” application and the ability to do email. Sony, who announced at CES that they intended to be number one in the HDTV market, now thinks they have what it takes to be at least second to Apple in the tablet market.
From The Company That Brought Us the Walkman
We’re intrigued because we know if any company has the design chops to give Apple’s design genius, Jonny Ive a run for the money, it’s Sony, the company that brought us BRAVIA TVs and the Walkman. Admittedly, Sony has not delivered anything extraordinary in the product design area for awhile but one of the two tablets announced this week looks promising.

The larger tablet called the S1, for now is a 9.4-inch Android 3.0 tablet that doesn’t look all that different from other tablets except for a stylish sloping back and what Sony refers to as an, “off-center gravity” for easier handling. It will powered by the dual-core Tegra 2 processor and have the usual connectivity options including Wi-Fi and 3G.

S2, the smaller dual 5.5-inch touchscreen displays tablet could be the innovative one. Other dual screen devices like the recently launched Kyocera Echo, have not received a great reception from reviewers and consumers but we’ve always been intrigued by the possibilities a dual-screen tablet could offer perhaps as a two page folio magazine or maybe a laptop simulator in addition to a swipe and pinch touchscreen tablet.

Both Sony tablets are due out in the fall. Should Apple be nervous?

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displays vs, margins

This adequately addresses the issue with touch screens and factory yields, for large screen LCD displays. This makes the displays cheap to manufacture (reliably) and makes the final product nearly disposable in price. win win

(yes, I'm an American who works in a cleanroom in Asia)


If apple would unlock there i pad i would have one but there to *&$@_)!><? SO YES I well get a Sony ASAP

Tablet Wars

I realize that copywriters and reviewers just follow the hot buttons of idiot consumers, but there is a major problem with tablet and phone trends - they are too small and too light. This always results in compromised functionality starting with battery life and continuing to readability, antenna gain, ruggedness, usable ports, voice quality, serviceability and even reliability.

My eyes are going bad from squinting at tiny screens and small, slick devices are prone to slipping from my oversized hands while I am correcting the typos caused by virtual buttons too small for my fat fingers - but even pre-adolescent Asian girls would get more utility out of LARGER, HEAVIER devices.

How about praising the geniuses who design in better cooling, more antenna gain and drop resistance instead of the high-gloss Tetris-trained designers eliminating internal airspace for airhead customers?

Riverside CT




Is this the best Sony can come up with? I would say no! Apple should not be worried because Apple has developed an ecosystem around their products. Apple's ecosystem consists of great products supported by their stores and finally a means to put content on those products. This is what everyone else is missing. They can copy the iPad, but when it comes to providing content and a means to interact with the it most companies falls short.


Have you heard of the iPhone? The single most inferior phone ever made. Jobs is a genius at marketing, but falls terribly short in the product department (see: Bill Gates). The only reason the iPad is popular is that Steve Jobs told you you couldn't live without it. Tablets still haven't found their place in the market -- those that use them to replace their laptops realize their shortcomings the first time they want to pull up a document to work on it, and those that use it for reading realize they can do that cheaper, lighter, and better with an ebook reader. Some of us can do EVERYTHING a tablet can do using our well-made Android smartphone.

And, by the way, ever heard of Android? You want well-made software delivered smartly? Try it....


Clearly written by someone who does not own an IPad. Those of us that do own one find them to be outstanding and we use our laptops less and less each day


The year of the copycats

None will rival nor ever equal the IPad.......everyone knows that!........Android.....what a joke!


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Copycat is correct

I'm sorry, but I agree that Apple is amazing at marketing, but that's about it.
Yes, the iPhone came out a few months before Android, but they were both developed in parallel, and the Treo was really the first one to bring the concept to mass market. Their problem was that the idea was more advanced than the technology, but THEY created the idea of the market that equally sparked Apple and Android (which was then bought by Google).

As far as Apple inventing the tablet...that's complete BS. The concept goes as far back as any Sci-Fi movie/show as far back as the 70's, and in practice, I know at least Archos has been building WinCE tablets since 2005. WinCE is definitely not a good UI to use, but again, it was the best option available at the time. As soon as Android was openly released, China manufacturers have been installing it in a multitude of devices. It's only recently that big name brands came on board, but that doesn't mean that Apple can legitimately take claim on the concept, just the popularization.

Again though, I will give full praise to Apple. It has always been able to market an inferior product to the masses and make them believe that it is so revolutionary that they can't live without it. They somehow call their lack of features and customizability a feature to make it more "simplistic".

Apple products.

As a person who has sold Apple products in the past. I can honestly say I agree with you. The mac was supposed to be the top of the line desktop back then but with a B/W monitor it could not compete.