Will We Have to Wait Until
Next Year for a New iPhone? See Below
Subsidized Kindle
Costs $25 Less

Starting May 3’d you’ll be able to buy the same Kindle that normally sells for $139, for a mere $114. The price you pay for saving $25 is you’ll have to look at advertisements on the bottom of the display or the screensaver display. Personally, we’d rather pay the extra $25 than endure a lifetime of ads but some people might find the ads useful. On the other hand, we’ve always wondered why Amazon didn’t offer advertiser-subsidized books.
New Adobe Photoshop
Apps for iPad

Now you can finger-paint on your iPad and send your creation to Photoshop running on your PC or Mac using a new app called Eazel which is one of three new Photoshop companion apps that turn your iPad into a tool pallet, drawing tool, controller, color mixer and more. So far the reviews are very positive and we suspect no Photoshop pro will want to be without these.

New BlackBerries On the Way

Here’s a leaked photo from Boy Genius Report that just might be a new BlackBerry phone called Orlando which looks like a Curve with a touchscreen and a keyboard. We’ve also read rumors of other new BlackBerry Curve phones with codenames of Apollo and Sedona. We should get a look at these new phones at BlackBerry World next month.
Intel’s New Atom Chip Will Power New Mobile Devices
One of the problems with ARM chips and Windows is that Microsoft hasn’t gotten around to making an ARM-friendly version of Windows. That gives Intel’s x86 an advantage. Intel’s Atom Z670 which is part of the Oak Trail chips should be powering some new mobile devices in the near future including netbooks and tablets. The good news is that Oak Trail uses less power and doesn’t require a fan for cooling but the bad news is it doesn’t perform as well as many of the new dual-core ARM chips.

iPhone 5 Might Not
Be Here Until Next Year

Rumors are cropping up that say the iPhone 5 won’t go into production until September. If these are true it could mean we won’t see the iPhone 5 go on sale until late this year or even early next year.

Android Honeycomb Tablet is $50 Cheaper Than iPad

The new Acer Iconia Tab A500 10.1-inch tablet will go on sale at Best Buy stores on April 24th. The biggest difference about this Honeycomb, dual-core Tegra-powered, Wi-Fi tablet is the $450 price which is $50 cheaper than the equivalent iPad 2.

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